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*** It’s official now that iPad 2 will be on sale in Malaysia this Friday, 29th April 2011 ***
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Since the launch of iPad 2 in the US, I’ve been diligently following news about it, and think I will be getting it this time. And also due to the very historic event that happened to me last 14th of March where I lost my iPhone 4, then I think I will definitely get iPad 2. Not planning to get a replacement iPhone 4 for now, knowing that the new model will be announced anytime soon.

Starting from that point, again, I’ve been diligently looking for the news of Malaysia release. Although there are many iPad 2 already available here from black market, I don’t really want to pay premium price for this.

It started out with Apple’s announcement that iPad 2 will be available in Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore and additional countries in April (here). There’s a little hope that Malaysia will be part of the additional countries mentioned.

Then everyone is talking about the 22nd April iPad 2 release date in Singapore. Well, 22nd of April has passed, and nothing really happened on that day for Singapore release. But, there’s an interesting thing happened in Malaysia on that day.

Machines has posted something on their Facebook wall that they are looking for part time sales staffs on 29th and 30th April, which the post was taken out from their wall after that.

Everybody sees this as the biggest clue ever that iPad 2 will be sold in Malaysia starting on Friday, 29th April 2011. And the part time staffs that Machines are looking will be helping with the iPad 2 launch event.

On the same day also, there’s also a photo of the stock of iPad 2 and Smart Cover stocks available at Apple Retail Store located at Tropicana City Mall.

On 23th April, there’s a news that macstudio has already accepted preorders for iPad 2, which mean this is really near, and the 29th April launch day is pretty much confirmed.

As this developed, this now seems to be pretty much confirmed that iPad 2 will be on sale this coming Friday. As I said, I will be getting one. So is it worth to be on leave today and join the queue, as the stock for this very first batch is said to be limited?

But above all of that, there no 100% confirmed price yet for iPad 2, although some revealed the price to be the following

iPad 2 Wi-Fi
16GB RM1599
32GB RM1899
64GB RM2199

iPad 2 Wi-Fi+3G
16GB RM1999
32GB RM2299
64GB RM2599

Smart Cover Poly : RM150
Smart Cover Leather : RM250

So which one I’ll be getting? Well, when this is out, I will get the White 16GB Wi-Fi model, and I will also get the Blue Polyurethane Smart Cover.

Why not getting the Wi-Fi+3G model where you can get only anywhere and doesn’t really to rely on finding Wi-Fi hotspot everytime? Thinking that I soon will be an iPhone user again (when the new model is out), I can use Personal Hotspot on my iPhone and share it with my iPad. From history, I hardly spend half of the 1GB free data that I got with the iPhone plan.

Really looking forward to own this. I kinda miss all the applications that I have on my lost iPhone last time, and those apps like Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare on other device feels different.

Credit of the photos and info goes to the persons that post this on the net: Amanz, Soya Cincau and Lowyat Forum


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7 Responses

  1. Anif® says:

    Wahaha… i want one.. i want one…

  2. ElvinGoh says:

    Will be lining up on this coming friday! cant wait to buy 32GB White iPad 2!

    • Imran says:

      i will be joining the queue too. can't really wait. anyway, i changed my mind and plan to get the 3G+Wi-Fi 16GB White instead. Luckily I get to know that Wi-Fi only one doesn't come with GPS chip.

  3. farhan yusof says:

    ipad2 stunning kan Im… teruja tgk demo kat youtube time launching… 😀

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