iPhone 4S announced at “Apple’s Let’s Talk iPhone” event

I was happened to be in Bulgaria where the “Let’s Talk iPhone” event happened, where it start at 8pm Bulgaria time, which is not too bad for me to follow. Most of the friends that I know back in Malaysia who planned to follow this just decided to continue with their sleep, after reading a rumor that came just a few hours before the actual event that only iPhone 4S will be release, and there will be no iPhone 5.

The rumor that flying around seems to be true where iPhone 4S is officially unveiled by Apple.

There should be many post about the new features of iPhone 4S, which I don’t want to talk here. I’m more interested in knowing when it will be available.

October 14th is the date that it will be available in US. I happened to be in Chicago from 10th to 15th October, but iPhone is not like any other product where it’s tied with mobile plan, and I don’t think I can get it there.

The next round of availability is in the following 22 countries. Singapore is one of the country. No sign of Malaysia.

What about Malaysia? Most likely that we will get it in December 2011. But I do hope that Maxis will work hard to bring iPhone 4S to Malaysia as early as possible.

Price wise, this is what it looks like in US. But like what always happened in the past, the price will be about the same as what iPhone 4 now is priced at, only that the price of the old 32GB iPhone 4 will now be the price for the new 64GB iPhone 4S, and so on.

So what’s my take on it? The new features might not be much for iPhone 4 users. But all the iPhone users that I know are really big Apple fanboy/fangirl. So they mostly will get the new iPhone 4S knowing that what they have now is already outdated πŸ™‚

What about me? I’m definitely will get it once it’s available in Malaysia. Remember my post back in mid March this year about me losing my iPhone 4? Well, this is the time to get it replaced.

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  1. Farhan Yusof says:

    πŸ™‚ ada plan nak dapatkan iphone 4s nie x im?

  1. December 10, 2011

    […] you are a fan of Apple’s iDevices AND you’ve been following the news about the next release of iPhone AND you’ve been waiting when it will be available in Malaysia, the excitement is in the air […]

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