It’s pay day

Yay! It’s a pay day today. I guess Ramadhan does lesser my expenditure a bit. I still got RM200 left from my last month salary.

Luckily my company didn’t actually give early salary for November due to the Hari Raya. If they do that, I bet I can’t survive before the December salary.

3 more days (including today) before I’ll be on 9 days Hari Raya leave. Isn’t it nice to have weekends, Deepavali and Hari Raya sitting close together? I just applied for 2 days annual leave, and I get 9 days (4 days of weekend, 1 day Deepavali, 2 days Hari Raya, 2 days annual leave).

Hari Raya means “duit raya” for my nephews and nieces. OMG. I got mental block today again. I can’t really remember how many newphews and nieces that I have. 2005 witnesses the 2 new comers in my family tree. And that makes, errr.. what arr… 14 I guess. Yes 14. Last year I have 12 nephews and nieces, and this year, there are 14 of them. Phew… I guess that RM200 extra from last month salary can be used as “duit raya” for them. Hehehe


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