Katty Kitty Kat

It’s school holiday, and what else malls in Malaysia to do rather than having sales. The Pets Wonderland in Mid Valley is having sale now – to attract more children I suppose.

I’ve been visiting Pets Wonderland last Thursday, and something that is on sale catch my eyes. It’s this Katty Cat Furnitures. So I took the catalogue to browse at home.

So I have decided. I want to get something new for my cats. I’m going to get them a new furniture to play with. I always fond of big and tall furniture, as I think my cats will love climbing it. It is cat’s nature anyway having fondness for settling in high place. I’m getting that model 4007-AEE and the scratch mouse toy.

Been seeing this kind of furniture at various places already, but all of them having quite a high price tag which I can’t afford. Below are the furnitures that are on display here – and the prices are quite reasonable (after discount).

Finished with the shopping, had the dinner at Carl’s Jr – newly opened place near the cinema. Oh my gosh. It’s so expensive. I’m not a burger/hamburger fan myself, so I found paying RM20+ for a burger is really expensive. But maybe those who likes burgers/hamburgers will find there is something special with this one (charbroiled) and something worth to pay RM20+ for.

Quickly got home after that. I’m so eager to has this new furniture assembled. So, here is my shopping list for today.

The moment that I’m waiting for, unboxing the furniture, with Oyen being the model of the unboxing for today (as always for my unboxing procedure)

Here are the furniture parts, out of the box. Now it’s Ebot’s turn to get curious with that the hell of thing is that.

So, lets the assembly begin. This is the diagram showing how the unit to be assembled.

And after a while, this is the semi assembled unit.

And finally, this is the finished product looks like. I put all of my 4 cats on it for photography session. Seeing only 3 cats in the photo below? Look again…

Well next, need to decide where to put this. I guess I’ll think it over once I have tidied my house.


Technical Manager at one of the market researcher company in KL who does blogging on his free time. Love cats very much. Always fascinated with new technology (as well as spending money on it)

6 Responses

  1. faryzanis says:

    how much did u bought for it ? ngee lovely cat . got 4 cat b4 but 1 just died 4 days b4 raya .. dem .

  2. Anonymous says:

    hehehe.. seronoknye tengok ur cats .. btw.. oyen nampak chubby …

    ~ fizz

  3. amirahsyuhada says:

    owww..bestnyer kalo dpt g petswonderland, mesti byk brg utk pempot.

    bestlah tngok kucing2 tu berkumpul dan mengeksplore furniture tu.

  4. puteh says:

    just curious, with that many cats, do they share the same kitty litter box?

  5. Adian says:

    aww…. so adorable cats u have! my house got a visiting pregnant cat and i hope she will produce beautiful kittens!

  6. Imran says:

    faryzanis: mmm. dalam RM300ish (discounted from RM500ish)

    fizz: hehehe. tulah. oyen semakin chub ni haa. hhmm. takutnya baca fizz nyer blog entry tu

    amirah: cuti2 sekolah nih hamster dah jadik trend plak. kat carrefour kat sini pun siap ada satu section khas jual barang2 utk hamster

    puteh: yeap. they all share the same litter box. really a very hard work thing for me to do cleaning it. i have to clean twice a day – before go to work, after came back from work. it became my routine already. hehehe

    adian: wah. nice to hear. harap2 you’ll get cute kittens nanti šŸ˜‰

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