King Kong Primiere at IMAX

Went to watch King Kong primiere show at IMAX, Times Square last night with the gang (12 of us). Thanks to Jimmy Woo for organising this and for getting the ticket for all of us.

Anyway, RM15 for a ticket is worth it. You will be watching the movie from a 5-storey height screen, with a superb sound from 1200W speakers (as what they claim).

Words of advice

  • Be prepared to squeeze your butt for 3 hours++ in this 3 hours 8 minutes movie
  • Pee or shit beforehand. You don’t want to miss any moment especially after first half of the movie
  • Get your kleenex or any other tissue ready

I like this movie a lot. But the first half hour of the movie is spoilt due to the person behind me keeps kicking my chair. I guess she wanted to rest her leg on the back of my chair. It’s not really a good sensation when you keep feeling that the back of your chair being hit frequently.

To stop that, when I feel my chair being kicked, I lean the chair to the back repeatedly. Eventually she knows that she is distracting me, and stop putting her leg on my chair. Hehehehe. I wonder how long her leg is. The space between chair at IMAX is spacious. I hardly reach the front chair if I stretch my leg forward (or am I that short).

When you at the last quarter of the movie, get your kleenex ready. There are several touching, eyes weeping scenes in the movie. I see the guy next to me wiping his eyes. I heard people at the back sobbing. I nearly cry too, but control! control! hehehehe


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  1. Malique says:

    Hi imran,

    hehehe… now by adding yr blog feed, i will always be the first person to make a comment ok..?

    Wow… e demo gi tgk doh dih… entri ni buat kawe nok gi tgk hari ni jugok nih… aloh laa… kawe minat sgt la kalu my uncle Jackson tu buat citer… mmg kena beli dvd nanti… buat koleksi.

    aiyoooo… bila-bila ajar je betina yg berkaki panjang tu, kalau tak pun ambik gergaji kasi potong sama itu kaki…

    Aiyooo touching… i really dun like it… sedih… sedih… power betul mat salleh ni buat citer ek…

  2. meera says:

    amboiiiiiiii… gi nengok wayang tak ajak kita pun ek… hehehe…

  3. Imran says:

    hehe. tulah malique. kawe tgk demo mesti the first person yg komen. demo pakai blogroll ke?

    meera. movie tu habis tgh mlm arr. tak elok bawak anak dara/tunang orng/bini org keluar mlm2. heheheh

  4. Malique says:

    heheh imran, kawe guna Opera browser. So, dia ada Feeds… senang nak tahu demo update yr blog.

    Sebab termakan dek entri nih… kawe gi tgk King Kong semalam kat GSC Berjaya times Square (15 Dis) tayangan jam 9 mlm. Mmg gempak habis cerita dia. Its really my taste la citer cam tuh. Tapi bab touching at the end tu, for me takde la sedih sangat… hehehe… tapi nak gi jugak try nonton kat Imax… mungkin dia punya aura lain sikit kot.

  5. Imran says:

    hehehe. kawe kut yg terlebih emotional mlm tu..

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