Kuala Lumpur in Google Earth

Hey. Why I always a bit late to know the cool things out there on the Internet? I have been using Google Earth long long time ago, way before Google actually acquiring this with the company named KeyHole. That time, register an account with an email, and 30-days trial key will be given to you. Once 30 days are over, that’s it. If you want to use still, just register another account with other email address. It’s good that Google has acquired this, and make it FOC!!!

And as far as I remember, the last time I have Google Earth installed on my computer was about 2 months ago, on my old PC at office. And at that time, the map if Kuala Lumpur is still on very low level information.

I installed it on my home PC again, just to play around with it on the very bored night last night. Suprise Suprise!!!! Kuala Lumpur now has a high level map details already. I like it. Manage to find where I stay and where I work on the map.

This is Pantai Hillpark Phase 2 (the one with red circumference). And the one that I circle with yellow line is actually the block where I’m staying here.

Notice the blue half circle kind of structure? Well. That is the swimming pool at this phase, which I never been in due to the fact that I don’t know how to swim. Hehehe.

And below is Mid Valley Megamall, and the structure that I put the yellow box around is actually Menara IGB, where my office is.

As you can see, this satellite image snapshot has been taken quite a while ago, where the left hand side of the Mid Valley now is undergoing a mass contruction for the phase II of the Mid Valley already.

With all these detailed maps of Kuala Lumpur, don’t you think that it will be easier for the terorrist to plan an attack?


Technical Manager at one of the market researcher company in KL who does blogging on his free time. Love cats very much. Always fascinated with new technology (as well as spending money on it)

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  1. nice_clip says:

    a couple of world leaders did pointed tt out. it’s a win for all the kepo pp out there.

    my cats walk around w microchip under their skin, wonder if google cld capture tt too, to set my worries at rest when they stray too far *lol*

    in a matter of time i’m sure.

    wonder if the satelitte can capture my small head..hmmm..

  2. Imran says:

    Just hoping that the satelitte will never be that advance, where it can emit ultrasound wave, penetrating your roof and walls, seeing you starked naked on the toilet seat reading Harry Potter’s book. LOL

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