Kuching Trip – Day 1

The day that I’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. I have bought this ticket since 3 Jan this year. The flight went to Kuching went smoothly, except for 20 mins delay, which is not that bad.

So I arrived in Kuching at about 3:06pm, went through the custom check and once I reached the arrival hall, my friend is already there.

Then went ti Bimmers, to the stall that the mum’s of my other friend set up. Let’s start the meal at this land of Kenyalang with something local – “Mee Sarawak”.

Got back to my friend’s house, freshen up and during the night, we went to hawkers at Benteng Satok. My mission here is really want to try dishes that you can’t easily find in KL. So I’m having “Mee Pok” for dinner tonight.

Then one of my friend there suggested me to try this drink – “White Lady”. It’s actually a fruit cocktail, but when sweetened milk is added in, it tastes food.

After dinner, we went to Kuching Waterfront, well, some sort of the must visit place for the first comer to Kuching. Well, it’s night already, and this is the best that my iPhone can capture.

This is the time that I’m missing my DSLR so much. With my f/1.4 lens, this low light scene can be easily captured.

That concludes my first day in Kuching, and been really tired from the long flight here. Time to go home, and have a good rest for the next day.

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  1. Aidilx says:

    Wah! enche Imre kat sarawak. Welcome to Sarawak. Banyak lagi makanan Sarawak perlu dicuba.

  2. adam says:

    Gambar makanan tuh nampak real gila. Guna 5d Mark III ? Hehehehe

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