Last day of Ramadhan 1431H/2010M

We’ve come to the last day of Ramadhan of this year. This time is always an emotional one to me, wondering whether I will meet again with the next Ramadhan. The morning of the last Ramadhan, right after my Subuh prayer, 20 minutes away from sun rise. It’s actually way darker than this, but the camera correct exposure makes it look really bright already.

I haven’t been receiving any “Kad Raya” for so long before before SMS becomes the main medium. Anyway, I’m receiving one this year from my sister’s youngest daughter 🙂

Playing fireworks is just one of the best thing to do on the night of Hari Raya. And again, my sister daughters have a lot of them.

And here is the highlight of the night – the 48 shots color pearl flowers.

Well, adult can have fun too watching the younger ones playing with fireworks. And I have a lot of fun fotographing them for the night.


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