Loose change

Got fascinated by Amirah’s Flickr page, just for the fun sake of it, here are the coins that I’ve collected from the loose change that I get, when buy something.

It is one of my habit that I’m a bit lazy to dig my pocket looking for loose coins. Most of the time, I end up paying with whole paper note rather than using the existing loose coins that I have in my pocket.

I don’t really know how much I have collected. I never count it. I still remember list time I was looking for for RM1 gold coins in this jar before the use of it discontinued.

Hhhmm. The jar looks almost full. I guess I need to get a bigger jar.


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3 Responses

  1. semut says:

    you don’t need a bigger jar.just keep it with me.haha

  2. Imran says:

    leh. gave me RM1000. nanti i’ll give you the jar with the content 😀

  3. mr.eims says:

    wahlaweh..banyak tuu~
    tahan ko ye.. kalu ako dah lame abes buat call public.. ahaks!

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