Maxis iPhone 5S pre-booking

Finally, Maxis is sending the invitation email to the Maxis One Club members that did the ROI for iPhone 5S last week. I’m lucky to get one as I heard that quite a number of people didn’t really get the email.

Let starts pre-booking iPhone 5S today. The link in the invitation email is personalized and tied to me, so I can’t really share it with my friends that didn’t receive the invitation yet.

First thing, let choose the plan, storage size and color first. My dream phone this time is iPhone 5S 64GB Gold. During the iPhone special event, I was still sticking to silver, but suddenly I’m I found gold is quite exclusive.

But damn. iPhone 64GB Gold is a very hot stuff. By the time I did my registration, it’s already fully booked. Even 32GB Gold is also fully booked, and the only gold option that is left is 16GB. I guess 16GB will do this time.

Surprisingly the silver one is the less favourable this time. While gold and space grey are fully booked, at the time that I did my booking, silver white is still available for all sizes.

Next, I need to choose from which branch that I want to collect my iPhone. Yes. Maxis is not having midnight launch event this time for iPhone 5S / 5C. So no queuing as what we used to have every year since iPhone 3G.

Since I work in Mid Valley, choosing Maxis Centre The Garden seems to be the most convenience one.

There you go. My annual ritual of getting new phone will happen tomorrow. Just can’t really wait to ditch that Blackberry Torch 9800 that I’ve been using as my main phone now after I sold my previous iPhone 5.


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