Meeting Romeo

Before I came to London, I did contacted Romeo a little bit about London, how to get from Heathrow airport to hotel, how to get to Synovate office there etc.

Romeo Solas, once worked as Project Manager for Viewscast Singapore. We worked together a lot last time on a few regional projects. But ever since he moved to Synovate London office, and ever since I don’t support Viewscast anymore, we kinda lost contact already.

So, since I’m here in London, it’s best to meet him, just to catch up old stories. We decided to meet at Piccadily Circus station. So my first visit today is Piccadily Circus area.

Feel so glad to me Romeo, and I feel glad to know that he likes working here in London, and I even glad to know that he’s been promoted to Manager already.

So today is London touring day I guess. We keep walking, and not far from there is Trafalgar Square. It is very nice to hang around here. But we didn’t stop there long, as it getting late, and it will get darks pretty soon.

We kept walking and finally reached Buckingham Palace. Not the best time to come here though as there’s no ‘changing the guard‘ takes place.

Kept walking and finally we reached Big Ben. Took a few photos here, and took one for my blog as well.

Not far is London Eye. Hey. I guess the term ‘eye’ is synonym with this thing already. We have Eye On Malaysia in Malaysia, and The Singapore Flyer in Singapore.

And here is the panorama photo that I took for London Eye,

and this is the photo that I took when standing under London Eye.

But the time seems not allowing us to walk more, and it gets dark, and most of the places around here start to pack up. So, London Eye is the last stop for today, and it’s time to call a day after that.

Anyway, so glad that I had a chance to meet Romeo while I’m here.


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