Meeting Yazid & my Saturday in summary

Not much is done this time. Most of the time, just chillin’ out.

Saturday morning, first thing that I did was to go to Mid Valley Megamall, to meet my fellow blog friend, Yazid, for some business. Actually, I want to get ‘the most frequently asked item in the country’, according to him lah in his blog. Hehehe.

Before that, went to the GSC to get The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe ticket. But the queue is friggin’ long. Better ask my friend that work at Times Square to get it from there. The queue at GSC Times Square is not that long as usual.

Yazid arrived. Get that awaited “goods” from him. Went to Chicken Rice Shop, eat, and bring him to tour my office, show him a little on what I did at work, chit chat a little and it’s time for me to leave Mid Valley. Anyway Yazid, thanks for that good. It is indeed something that very hard to find in Malaysia.

Then, I did another quest of finding new house. Just remember, I will only move in around mid Jan, the one that I found at Bayu Tasik may be taken by others along the way, and I have to have another contigency plan – Plan B of surveying other place too.

There’s a newly built flat at Pantai Dalam area, mainly for placing those people from the “setinggan”. But now it’s open for rental. It’s RM600 a month. Went there to have a look. My OMG. How this new place has turned to be very untidy already, with garbage lying on the floor as the result being thrown from upper level, the lift that is very slow, and very crowded with people and cars which are park everywhere – a typical view of low cost flat. It’s a no no for me to live here.

Went to Times Square after that to get the Narnia ticket from my friend. Nothing to do, had a meal at 10th floor food court, then watch Cyber World IMAX movie. This is my third IMAX 3D movie that I watched. For those of you who haven’t been to IMAX before, please go. It is a something new that you’ll experience.

Since Narnia showing is 5 hours away, decided to go home first, then come back to Times Square later. Being tired from all the walking that I did, decided to sleep first. Set my alarm clock at 11pm so that I won’t miss the movie.

It was a good sleep, in my air-conditioned room plus it’s raining outside, when suddenly my friend blabbering wake me up. Look at the clock. Oh shit. It’s 12:30am already. Look at my alarm clock setting. Darn! I set it at 11am, and not 11pm.

Miss the movie then. It’s really too late to go there. And it’ at Times Square some more. If at Mid Valley, we can quickly rush there.

What a waste of money.


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5 Responses

  1. Fizz Hazrai says:

    OooO dah jumpa yazid yek… so bila nak jumpa fizz pulakz.. he he he

  2. Imran says:

    jom fizz. nanti kita leh jumpa reramai. baru best sket. ajak yazid sekali. suruh dia bawak wife ngan anak2 dia. hari tu dia cakap anak dia nak ngikut time dia dtg mid valley jumpa saya

  3. Fizz Hazrai says:

    orait.. bila bila bila… nanti beritahu lah.. boleh fizz ajak isleasy from Jaring.. fizz dah pernah jumpa dia..

    kalau boleh on saturday or sunday lah yek..

  4. Malique says:

    Laaa kesiannya… camna leh terlajak nih…

  5. Imran says:

    tulah. sampai hari ni still tak tgk narnia lagi. nak kena pegi tgk gak nih.

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