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  1. Syafiq says: last. tag me alive..thanks imran

  2. nakaltitude says:

    teruknya mesra nye service. cian kat kau imran.

  3. aceone118 says:

    Sue sama dia. Sekarang orang suka main ‘sue’!!kekeke

  4. martsieus says:

    Hmm…service tak bagus.

    Tapi TagMe rocks, aku suka TagMe dah online balik.

    TQ Imre.


  5. aman says:

    sabar je lar ye..

  6. Azhad says:

    Terima kasih kerana TagMe dah boleh digunakan semula. Semoga pengalaman Imran akan menjadi panduan pada kita semua.

  7. karlbum says:

    aku dari dulu tak suka mesrahosting atas alasan tersendiri 🙂

  8. palihapiz says:

    Oh god..this 2nd time my my bad experience dengan

    last 2 week i requested password coz lupe..then dah ingat within 2hours, its ok tapi the problem ticket x answer smpi lar..

    last monday, request EPP code n unlock domain name dengan chatting 2jam tunggu xreply then malam buka dia reply “anybody there”, i balas hi sorry im here again, do you received my requested to migrate? no answer im online till 10PM n fed up, i send ticket requested for migrate until today oso x answer..

    The worse thing happens is..

    email forwarding- SSL always expired i already kena 2 time within this year until now masih lagi x come u r simpan customer data and u ambil ringan dengan benda ni?

    I think this company going to pencen already and i think no stuff working with them only him technical guy and he oso sale..

    Im fed up already, n already email another hosting whether boleh x kalo transfer domain name without EPP code.. sigh!!

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