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Man. I’m getting crazy, crazy with this blog thing. I don’t really know what struck me where this thing is really like a drug to me. I can’t sit still knowing that I haven’t blog something that I have in mind, even though it is the ‘crap’iest thing for others to read.

Not only I’ve been updating my blog on daily basis, but there are 2 or 3 entries in a single day. I hope that this blogging desire is not just another seasonal hobby, that will fade away with time. Bak kata org, hangat – hangat tahi manusia, akhirnya di’flush’ jua.

I have also keep adding things to the template of this heavy-weight-take-long-to-load blog of mine. This time, I have made further enhancement to the scroller that I added last Tuesday. Innovation. That’s the spirit. Steal people code, and enhance it so it does more (but didn’t I tell you that I’m going to steal the code of the scroller during template experiment last Tuesday too?). Even though I steal people code, I do give credit appropriately.

So, what’s more that the scroller have now? Well, I downloaded more icons, and now, the scroller will display random image, meaning, you will be seeing different image sequence everytime you reload the page.

Switching the code from HTML to PHP does help a lot. Now I can do lots of fancy things with it. Now also, the images displayed in the scroller are rather dynamic. Just dump more 128×128 transparent PNGs inside the directory, and they will be included automatically in the random image selection for the scroll sequence.

Just in case if there is anyone out there wondering where did I get those glossy images, you can visit WinCustomize website.

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3 Responses

  1. Malique says:

    Laa.. bg kawe… demo tak leh cakap entry demo ni crap atau perkataan yg sewaktu ngannya..tak baik la cakap cengitu…sbb blog tu kan hak kita… so, ikut suka kita la nak cerita apa. kita bebas nak letak apa aja. Bg kawe, blog demo ada aura tersendiri & its make me jenguk & tengok tiap-tiap hari.

    pasal benda template tu, kawe rasa pc kawe jadi berat tambah2 msa nak scroll blog demo.

  2. amirahsyuhada says:

    sabo..sabo..mmg xtrkejor..benda2 ni amat mengasyikkan tu yg dok bt saya xlekang dr internet ni.testing..testing

  3. Imran says:

    malique: hehehe. tuulah. kawe kekadang tu susoh nok maintain the thought that kito tulis blog ni just for ourselve, dan itu hak kita nok tulis apa2 pun. pasal berat tu, harap2 korang sumer boleh live with it. hehehehe

    amirahsyuhada: haaa. at last, dpt jugak cik amirah kita tinggalkan komen kat sini. thanks for commenting 😉

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