My 2 new softwares wish list

Below are 2 newly released softwares that just got into in my wish list.

The first one will be Macromedia Dreamweaver 8.

I will follow up again with my boss about HK getting the licensed to me (they claim that they can get it cheaper using group account to by softwares). I have to tell them to buy this one instead since the request that I sent was quite sometimes ago, and that time I’m requesting for Dreamweaver MX.

This software is kinda a must have to me. I have been developing a lot of database driven website using PHP and MySQL. It will be really hard to maintain and program those without Dreamweaver. Now, I have to install that software in 30 days Trial (with the help of IT). Let see what will happened when the 30 days trial ended. I will make a fuss again about cannot do my work at office

And the second one will be this new Corel Paint Shop Pro X, the successor for Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9 (Corel acquired Jasc).

I am no graphic designer, therefore getting Adobe Photoshop is just too much. Paint Shop Pro is powerful enough for my graphic editing needs. I just need to do simple image resizing, image cropping, image rotate (that kind of sort). Furthermore, I’ve been using Paint Shop Pro since its first version back then during my university days. I’m kinda attached to it already.

Same case as Dreamweaver above, I have to tell them that they should be looking at getting this one instead of Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9.

Man. I’m so tired with this software license thing. They want my PC to be piracy free, and yet, it’s taking so long for them to get the licensed one to me.


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  1. Malique says:

    Kesiannya kat awak, e… mmm sabar je la eh…. may be yr ofis takut kena denda kot…

    tapi kat my ofis ni tak lak jadi masalah. semberono je diorang install wateva they want.. sekali kena rush periksa oleh badan berwajib baru diorang kat sini buat jgk cam yr ofis buat…

  2. dak^penang says:

    hahaha..okay….however try to do ur work first…..after that buat yang patut….bley gak ilang boring dah tak leh install YM…

  3. Imran says:

    malique: tulah. company nih skema sket. tapi benda2 yg e nak install tu sumer freeware. tapi susah nak convincekan diaorg. biarlah. let me play their games.

    dak^penang: hehehe. tulah. sekarang ni duk buat keje ajelah kat sini. abis office hour, terus blah. kalau dulu, leh stay kejap2 dulu chat2 ngan member2 ke.

  4. dak^penang says:

    sabor le imran….nak buat macam mane… d^p ada…dengar je lagu dari sana….:)

  5. dak^penang says:

    e ada tak dreaweaver…….copy letak dalam hosting kita tu…. d^p nak guna dreaweaver….kang jadi macam photoshop plak berat nak bukak dia….

  6. yazid says:

    Assumed that you are using Dreamweaver v.8 trial version (are you?), I don’t know if this can eliminate the trial status:-


  7. Imran says:

    zid. thanks. yg rumah memang pakai keygen utk registerkan. hehehe. tapi yg kat opis ni malas arr. karang bising plak bebudak IT tu bila dapat tahu yg trial copy tu dah diregisterkan ngan key ni.

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