My blog is running on WordPress

My blog is finally running on WordPress, and this is the very first blog entry that I write from WordPress. It feels a bit strange as I was custom to blogger already. But I guess I will get used to this in no time.

Some may have noticed that my blog is buggy these few days. Even at times I’m completely not being able to access my blog. The main culprit is the TTL setting for the CNAME record that I set for my blog address. In the old day (from Google’s guide on setting up CNAME record for custom domain), the TTL has to be set for 1 week.

And what does that mean? TTL (Time To Live) is the amount of time that any name server on the Internet is allowed to cache the data associated with my domain name. After the TTL expires, a name server discard cached data and contact the authoritative name server to retrieve the updated one. So, I have blog pointing to Google’s server previously, with TTL of 1 week. Last Friday, I change blog to point to my own hosting, but since TTL is 1 week, some name server is still pointing to Google’s server. But Google’s server doesn’t have information about my blog already, and it gives page not found error.

Anyway, I’m glad to see that the guide for this at Google’s website is using 1 hour for TTL now (reference: I will need to change the TTL of other Google App’s CNAMES as well.

So if you suddenly can’t access my blog, just bare with it for the time being. It takes this coming Friday for the TTL that were set previously to expire.

Question. After all these years, why I suddenly decided to move away from Blogger to WordPress? Hhmm. It’s complicated. LOL. Anyhow, welcome to my new blog (kinda of. LOL)


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  1. Junaidix says:

    patut lah blog tak bley masuk.. tukar hosting rupernyer.. hehe

  2. Imran says:

    hehe. tulah Junaidix. tetiba je terasa nak migrate ke wordpress.

  3. says:

    An Invitation – Blogger Awards Night

    Anda telah dijemput ke Majlis Awards Night .

    Utk makluman lanjut sila ke

    Terima Kasih

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