My Cats Episode 1

Feel like taking photos of my cats tonight. So I brought out my camera, and my flash, and start snapping those cats of mine.

Why Episode 1? Well, I think I will be doing this again in the future, by putting the latest photos of my cats.


Let’s look at the awake Oyen first. Not really sure what he’s thinking when I took this photo.

And this is the photo of Oyen about to get up and came towards me. I guess my camera neck strap attracts him.

Now getting sleepier.

Remember how Oyen loves tunnel (blog entry here). Well, not just tunnel, as long as the place has some hidden opening, he surely will get excited. Here is sleeping in my laundry basket which I put a blanket on top to make the inside dark. Guess what, it became a sleeping place for him.

And another habit of him is, he likes to sleep at someone’s feet.

I call this Emily Rose pose. Hope you get what I mean. Well. I don’t want to elaborate more on that. Thinking of that movie gives me goose bump.


Ebot relaxing under the dining table.

Ebot relaxing again on the bed.

I promise to take more photo of Ebot in the future. Kinda hard to find him sit still for me to take photo.


I like this photo. It’s very contrast – Uteh in the dark side (Note: Uteh is mispronounced word for Putih, which means “White”)

Wow. Uteh looks so fierce. Maybe he thinks that I want to steal his food. Nah. My camera just to happen to snap while he’s about to blink his eye. Sigh! My cats always make a mess after meal. I got to sweep that leftover each and everytime.

See, how nice Uteh is.

Uteh sleeping.


Uneng playing with Oyen’s tail.

When the time is right, let’s bite Oyen’s tail. Just pardon the red thing at Oyen’s ass. He was having diarrhea and his testical has swollen for excessive licking and rubbing.

Uneng caught red handed trying to peek what’s under the “saji”.

As a punishment, he has to give the coolest pose for this photo.

Ok. Now you can sit still on the chair.

Oh dear. I guess I am colour blind now. I see orange everywhere.


Technical Manager at one of the market researcher company in KL who does blogging on his free time. Love cats very much. Always fascinated with new technology (as well as spending money on it)

12 Responses

  1. Fizz says:

    comel nyee… fizz baru nak request more pictures of your cats… tengok ur blog hari nei.. wallaaaa… dah ada.. cute nyeee wallpaper pc kat office gambar oyen .. previous pix kat ur blog hari tu..

  2. laily says:

    byknye kucing you.i suke tgk dia pun cute.

  3. * ^L i a N a^ * says:

    comeynye cat nie .. mmg letak dlm rumah je yeh . de maen jela ek sesama de . tgk u beli royal canine tue 10 kgs kt pet safari , berape de jual ek ? selalu beli dkt pet family je tupon kena order .

  4. rarza says:

    gosh..what a lovely addorable…meow

  5. TuYenwHy says:

    cam garfield je imran..hehehehe

  6. Imran says:

    fizz: hehe. tulah. dah ramai sgt duk request enrty pasal my cat nih (dari komen2 dan tagme entry yg terdahulu)laily: 4 je laily. oyen tuh my first catliana: ha ah. dorang sumer tu duk dlm rumah je. house cat org cakap. so weekend2 tu bawaklah kuar rumah biar dorang main kejap kat coridor. yg royal canin tu harga dia RM214 utk 10kg pack. Tapi ada 10% discount for members, so harga dia jadi RM192.60rarza: yeah. now i write about the whole family. LOLtuyen: memang pun. dorang tu tahu makan, main dan tido je

  7. ~ miss femme fabulos says:

    comelnyeeeee!!!mintak satu bleh tak?p/s: those cats mcm tahu je pic cha dia nak masok dlm blog. siap buat muke tuuuuu.. haiihh geram. i can't looks at cats sbb rase geram yg amat sgt. and until now, my sister kept blaming me as the cause of the cat's death. gulp!

  8. Eideup says:

    Ahhh.. Cat. Love it.. Tapi xdpt bela, ruang takde..Kalu ada kucing ari2 nak peluk.Geram dgn kucing u..

  9. amirahsyuhada says:

    salam peluk cium buat oyen..

  10. normala.sahari says:

    i nak jadikkks kucinglah…bestkan!!

  11. Miss J says:

    Dah lama tak follow ur blog.. Saya dah ikuti perkembangan 4 beradik ni since u took them home. Nampaknye,Oyen, Ebot, Uteh dan Uneng dah semakin sehat dan comel!!! Geramnye.. rasa nak pelok jer.

  12. Imran says:

    MFF: huhu. dah sayang dah kat dorang sumer tu. tak sanggup dah nak kasik kat org. huhu

    Eideup: Actually cat boleh jadik a very happy house cat. Ada byk guides yg discuss pasal how to make your cat happy, indoor 😉

    amirah: dah sampaikan dah. hehe

    mala: uiks… anyway, how’s your siputeh?

    Miss J: hi miss J. thanks for stopping by. congrats. baru je nampak you pun dah started your own blog dah. quite a journey kan dari hi5 ke friendster ke yahoo 360 ke facebook dan lastly ke blogger.

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