My credit card number stolen

It’s just an ordinary day, feeling bored and sleepy at office, I just do the usual email checking. But something really opened my eyes after that.

What the hell. Recurrent charging my credit card? I tried visiting the link given in the website to cancel the recurrent charges, but it required email, password and Order ID from my original purchase. How should I know. I never made this purchase.

So the next question is which credit card. I’m pretty sure I didn’t see any bizarre activities lately. But wait. My Citibank credit card is using electronic statement, and I haven’t laid my eye on the transaction since last month.

I quickly login to Citibank Online Banking, and retrieve the electronic PDF statement of my credit card. Oh boy I’m surprised. 3 transaction from BillingHLP already, which 2 of them just been posted to the statement in August even though the transaction date is in July.

I gave Citibank a call, and explain what happened. At the end of the day, I decided to block this card. But after that, I just don’t know what to do. There’s no point to argue with the person on the phone. But something really pleased me happened. Way before I even ask about what to do, the person said that she will fax me the disputed transaction form, which I have to fill in and fax back, and the amount will be reimburse to me. I’m just like – Err.. Am I dreaming? Am I hearing that lady right?

And here you go. The disputed transaction form that just been faxed to me. I’m going to fill in, and really hope to receive the cheque pretty soon.

Hello RM298.65!!!


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  1. rarza says:

    banyak tu..kena mintak balik gak..hehehe..macam2 boleh beli..gile ar bank2 skrg dah rasa macam x secure internet banking

  2. Masy says:

    aiyoo dua ratos lebey! byk tuuuu tp sibbaik bkn 2k kan huhu.

    tu yg malas nk pki credit card tu (alasan)

  3. Nash says:

    Having a credit card these days is like having a double-edged sword – it cuts on both sides. Although there are good points of having a credit card, we need to be careful so that the debt can be managed.

    Save, Make Money and Invest!

    United Against Recession!

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