My FarmVille Helper: Beta Public Release

I’m glad to announce the relaunching of My FarmVille Helper that I’ve been working since the beginning of last month to public.

I guess a few may have noticed that My FarmVille Helper has to be taken down 5 hours after I made it available to the public. Been contacted by the representative from Zynga Game Network Inc that my application may have legal issue with the use of official FarmVille logo. To folks in Zynga, teribbly sorry about that.

Well, I have rebranded My FarmVille Helper and it’s up and running again. Most of the bugs that I faced during my personal alpha release has been fixed. Feedbacks on this beta release is really appreciated.

Register one here


Technical Manager at one of the market researcher company in KL who does blogging on his free time. Love cats very much. Always fascinated with new technology (as well as spending money on it)

5 Responses

  1. Ema says:

    try nak download, tp kene ade farmville dulu… kene create satu la makne nye…
    btw, congratulations, imran. your success is really, really inspiring, tp x tau bile nak start…

    • Imran says:

      hi ema. tak yah download. benda ni web application. tak yah main FarmVille akaun pun utk register. huhu.

      anyway, nih hanya weekend project sambil isi2 masa terluang. tapi nampak cam byk sgt masa terluang kan. ahakz.

  2. Ema says:

    dah register, yay!

  3. miera says:

    i dah register. Tp x dapat login pun??? kenapa ek?

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