My Kelantan way of fast breaking

As I promised to myself yesterday, today I went to the nearby bazar Ramadhan to get myself my favourite nasi kerabu, and all other Kelantan traditional “kuih muih” and food.

I’ve been longing to have “nasi kerabu” for berbuka puasa since the first day of Ramadhan. And also, I couldn’t find the usual Kelantan “kuih muih” back there in KL. So this is just the oppurtunity for me to get them today.

And yay!!! I have taken back my digital camera from my brother. Meaning in this posting, I can post a very clear and crisp photo, compared to the photos taken by my O2 Mini in the past.

So here is the main dish for my fast breaking today, nasi kerabu. There’s no gravy, just rice that is cooked with a special leaves that gives the blue colour, taste and nice smell, top up with fried coconut that mixed with ginger, serai after that, and with daun kesum for the “kerabu” part, and not forgetting, budu (anchovies sauce). To eat, just mix everything together, and mmmmmmm.. It tastes so delicious.

This is the thing that usually accompany nasi kerabu, which is called solok ikan (fish solok). There are 2 types of solok – solok lada (chilli solok) and solok ikan. Solok is made from combining fish meat and grated coconut (of course some other ingredient and spices), then fried (for solok ikan) or steamed (for solok lada).

Ok. Confectionaries time. First thing is akok. I don’t know how it gets this name, but it is actually a mixture of flour, egg and “gula melaka”, then baked on wood fire. It tastes very unique. You should try one day.

And this is what we called “buah tanjung”. The main ingredient is egg yolk. That explains the yellow colour. It tastes really sweet. Well, Kelantan is known with its sweet dishes and confectionaries. This is my favourite thing too, and is a must buy everytime I buy food for fast breaking in Kelantan.

And this one we call colek malah. Malah is the Kelantan word for “lazy”. Again, I don’t know how it gets this name. It looks like “cucur udang”, but the taste is very different from cucur udang. It is eaten with “gula melaka” and peanut gravy. A must try again for all of you.

And this is a very unique thing, which we call jala mas. Jala is “net” in english, and mas is “gold”. So it means “golden net”. The name does tell how it looks like, where this food looks like a net which is golden in colour. The way to prepare this is also unique. The main ingredient again is egg yolk (that explains the golden colour). The egg yolk mixture is being piped into a hot boiling sugar and water. So as soon as the mixture gets out from the pipe, it is cooked right away. Keep doing it, and you get something that looks like a crumpled net. It is sweet in taste, and taste really different from bunga tanjung above.

This is another food that I can’t find anywhere in KL. It is called nikbat. Don’t know again how it gets its name. It is something dried, golden in colour when it’s not cooked yet, which you have to cook in the boiled water + sugar, and usually clover and pandan leaves are added in the boiling sugar water, and then, the dried nikbat is put in, and it will absorb all the sugar water.

And the last food for today is putu maye. I’ve seen several other kind of “putu” in KL, but not “putu maye”. It is being made from rice flour. And the gravy is made from the mixture of coconut milk and “gula melaka”.

Well that all my Kelantan way of fast breaking today. I bought that not only for the sake of taking photos to put in my blog, but also because I miss those foods 😉


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  1. Fizz says:

    kebanyakkan juadah di atas.. fizz belum pernah makan… huu huu… and tak berapa minat nasi kerabu..

    orang kelantan suka manis yek…

  2. Imran says:

    Hehehe. Ha ah fizz. sebab tu muka ore kelate nih manis – manis sokmo, macam saya (hahahaha. perasan sket ni)

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