My new 300GB Maxtor harddisk

Hehehe. This is the first thing that I bought using my bonus money. It’s a Maxtor 300GB 7200 RPM harddisk. Lalala. Now I have spacious of space for my computer, and for my hard-disk-space-hunger day-to-day activities (downloading MP3s, video clips, movie etc).

With the help of Zaif and budak^penang, I get this harddisk for RM300!!!! Pretty cheap huh. And some of the market price of the harddisk that I just get from the nearest computer shop (Jayacom)

Size & Brand Price
250GB Seagate RM380
300GB Seagate RM470
250GB Western Digital RM370
250GB Maxtor RM360
300GB Maxtor RM460

Want to get one? Just contact them 😉

P/S to Fizz: Fizz. Sorry tak jadik ke mini gath hari tu. Bebudak tu (Zaif, budak^penang, Nobta & Eisz) jadik datang last2 minute, tapi diaorang sampai KL lambat.

As soon as I get this harddisk from them, I opened the package right away. Set the jumper, slot it into my computer, switch my computer on, enter the BIOS, and walla!! There your go. My new 300GB harddisk is detected and ready to go.

Boot into Windows XP, and again, my Windows detecting the new 300GB harddisk.

The next step is to format the harddisk. I create the NTFS partition, and did a full format. There’s an option to do quick format, but since I’m using this for the first time, better do a full format to make sure that there is no bad sector on the harddisk.

Took approx 45 minutes to complete (roughly I think. Sorry. I didn’t time it). Fantastic. No bad sectors detected.


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  1. Malique says:

    nak beli jugaklaaaa…

  2. Imran says:

    leh jer malique. just contact je si zaif & budak^penang. dengar2nya, byk stock gak yg diaorg ada

  1. November 9, 2012

    […] 300GB Maxtor harddisk is at the critical level now. About 5GB free space left. It’s time for me to do spring […]

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