My New PC IV

I promise. This will be the last shopping that I do for my new PC. Not long after I did my third round of shopping, I just have another crazy idea that I want to do to my new PC.

RAM (Random Access Memory) used to be quite expensive piece of hardware to get for you computer. I still remember using 286 and 386 machine with 4MB RAM, running MS-DOS and Windows 3.11. This is the year where personal computer still in 16-bit architecture, with the maximum 64MB RAM supported. Having 64MB RAM in computer is considered to be high end machine already.

With the launching of Windows 95, 32-bit computer era has begun. This is the time where more RAM is required to power Windows 95 so that it runs smooth. It’s the time where you will have 128MB or 256MB RAM for you computer.

With the introduction of Pentium IV processor, this is the time where DDR RAM is introduced. I still remember I have to spend fortune to get 1GB RAM for my Pentium IV computer. Having 2GB RAM for my Pentium IV machine would be heaven, where last time I only have 1 x 1GB and 1 x 512MB RAM only for my old PC.

Modern computers now use DDR2 RAM, where first time in history, getting 1GB RAM is very very affordable. 1GB RAM costs about RM48 these days. And getting 4GB can be still can be considered very affordable. But there is a limitation though. With 32-bit architecture, the maximum supported memory in theory is 2^32 = 4,292,967,296, which is approximately 4GB. But in reality, Windows XP can only support up to 3GB RAM, and Vista, is claimed to be able to support the full 4GB of RAM.

But what if you want more? The only answer is to start moving to 64-bit world. I’ve been reading quite a number of reviews about 64-bit technology. Even many said that 64-bit is not yet that ready for mainstream user, but over the years, support for 64-bit has improved tremendously, where I’m convinced enough to get started of moving into 64-bit world as well.

So the crazy idea that I mentioned above happened last Wednesday. I was in Pusat Bandar Damansara renewing my passport. Since it takes about 2 hours before the passport is ready for collection, I just decided to visit Digital Mall while waiting. And out of the blue, the idea of getting 4GB more RAM for my PC (on top of existing 4GB RAM, totalling to 8GB of RAM) just pop-up in my mind. So, the shopping list for today, as we speak…

That is always my problem. There is always something extra that attracts me. I also bought this internal All in One Card Reader, which will complement my new Cooler Master CM 690 chassis.

But I still lack of something – 64-bit Vista installer. At the time like this, Mr. Torrent is always your friends. Muahahaha (Evil grin!). Oh my. Since Streamyx has throttled P2P connection, the download speed fluctuates a lot ranging from 2Kbps up to 35Kbps. And finally,

…sweet… The download completed at around 10:30pm earlier. So tomorrow will be a long day. It’s time to get started with things that I bought in the third round shopping, and this round of shopping.

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Technical Manager at one of the market researcher company in KL who does blogging on his free time. Love cats very much. Always fascinated with new technology (as well as spending money on it)

12 Responses

  1. amirahsyuhada says:

    never know winxp can only support up to 3gb! I had plan on my mind to upgrade my pc to the maximum RAM that can put on the slots.Hmmm.Thanks for the info, imre. i still with xp in my pc, my notebook use vista, kinda hate that. And 64-bit vista, is not for amateur like me..hehe.

  2. marts says:

    Imre, ngeri la tgk your shopping. Ha ha ha…

    Tapi 8GB!!! Bestnya.

  3. pyan says:

    salam Imran,

    saya ada satu PC yg berusia 6 tahun. Jarang guna kerana saya ada laptop. PC ni menggunakan Pentium 4dan Windows XP.
    Masalah saya adalah mengenai memorynya yang menggunakan RDRAM.
    Boleh tak kalau saya tukar kepada jenis DDR dgn menggunakan MOBO yg asal.
    Didahulukan ucapan terimakasih

  4. LaLa says:

    eN. iMraN,
    eLlo.a giRl frOm pNtai tiMur ere.i’m a zEro-knowledGe regarDing iT/ pC/tEchnoloGy.howEver,i liKe gadgEts.mule noTice uR bLog whEn i’m sUrveyinG HTC TP.aftEr reAding ur bLog,i bot it (but,i woRK wif a miNimuM saLary anyBody can tHink of) huHu!anYhu,waNna sAy thAnx coZ u inSpire mE a LOT! (hP,cAts,wOrks,liFe)
    Sincerely, thank u…

  5. Imran says:

    amirah: saya pun baru tahun last year sebenarnya. last year we had this big project, with millions of records. our pc in office come standard with 2GB RAM. That project caused the application to hit the memory limit, then we request additional RAM from IT. IT said, they can only add 1GB more as there’s no point of adding more. Then I research on the internet. It’s truelah. WinXP can support max 3GB. Luckily that project didn’t hit memory limit again after we upgrade, if not that project is doomed as we can no longer add memory. Huhu

    Marts: Hehe.. No looking back 😀 Baru lepas siap install Vista semalam. Bestnya pakai 8GB. My PC feels so responsive. Click je application, terus bukak. Tak yah tunggu lama2 for memory swapping.

    Pyan: I’m afraid awak kena upgrade motherboard klu nak guna DDR RAM. Tapi DDR still mahal. DDR2 je yg murah. Tapi nak pakai DDR2, kena tukar processor + motherboard sekalilah.

    Lala: I hope you enjoy your HTC TP 😉 Anyway, which part of pantai timur ek u from? Lastly, thanks also for visiting my blog 😉

  6. LaLa says:

    eN. iMran,
    tHanX fOr uR feEdbAck.i’M fRoM paHaNg actUalLy.eVentHo i’m aN idiOt wHen it cOmes to tEchNoloGy,i sTil LOVE gadGets.n GAMES too.oNly haVe pS2 n pSp.(got 2 guitArhEro=chiLdish iSn’t iT?)pS3@ xBox on dA wAy.gOt mY eyE on iPhoNe too.buT juz aDopT 2 kiTTens.sO,knE tGgu saLaRy.huHu!soRy 4 loNg coMmeNts (n nOt rElaTed 2 uR nEw pC).hehe!tAke caRe.wiL coNtinuE bEinG inSpireD bY u tHo.. =)

  7. gatchan says:

    Salam boss… ape kaba? lama tak dengar cite…

    hopefully, i will afford to have a 64-bit machine… someday…

    keep posting wonderful post because you’ve inspired us with your, wisdom, knowledge and humility…


  8. Pyan says:

    imran.. thanks for your advice..

  9. Imran says:

    lala: tnx again. i hope i inspire you to start a blog too =)

    ema: hihi. puji lebih2 plak. dah blush neh

    pyan: ur welcome 😉

  10. My PS3 has gained a yellow light of death yesterday im really sad now 🙁

  1. September 14, 2016

    […] My New PC IV […]

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