My new Sony STR-DK5 Professional Karaoke Amplifier

Been mentioning several time in the past that I have my karaoke amplifier ordered, and went to Pudu to survey the price of a speaker. Well, finally I received the thing last Monday.

I eagerly opened the box to see what’s inside. Ain’t she a beauty? This shall compliment my Sony TV and Sony Home Theatre System. I’m a Sony fan I’m supposed.

Went to Pasar Pudu again to do a new speaker shopping. This time, it’s no longer window shopping. Being a electronic gadget lover myself, I feel like in heaven. Feasting my eyes looking at those saliva slurping gadgets like mixer, mini wireless CCTV and many other electronic stuffs that I don’t know what is it for.

Back to the speaker, there are so many types and sizes, with varying prices from as cheap as RM80 to a whooping RM800. There’s this one 5 pieces speaker selling at RM195. Even though this karaoke amp supports 5.1 speaker configuration, but come to think of it, I have my home theatre already. This karaoke amp I will use solely for karaoke purposes only, and karaoke function only works in 2 channels mode.

After browsing a while, at last I decided just to get the following RM238 speaker. It’s compact, but the sound is quite powerful compared to other big tall speaker of at the same price as this one. Lets put the speaker on the test first before I buy it.

We cannot called those people salesman if they cannot persuade customer to buy things from their shop. And that what happened to me. I have been persuaded to buy speaker stand from them too.

They don’t have much choices for speaker stand, but this one looks ok I guess, and the price is also tempting.

But there’s another thing that I’m missing. VCD/DVD player. I already have VCD player, but I lost the remote. What about the DVD player? Well, it not a seperate system where the amplifier part has been built in inside the player itself and it’s only have audio input jack and no audio output jack. That’s no good. How can I hook that up the karaoke amp?

Well, went to carrefour after that and get a new, cheap DVD player. At first I only decided to get VCD player, but after talking to the salesman, he said that VCD player is no longer being produced nowadays. Is it??? Oh…. Yes indeed. DVD player now is at the price of what VCD player use to be priced at. You can even find RM90ish DVD player nowadays. So, what’s the point of producing VCD player then? Hhhhmmm. It is just a matter of time those costly plasma TV will be cheaper and cheaper when those HDTV takes the market. Hoping that to happen soon. Finger crossed 😉

So, hear are my shopping lists today.

  • A pair of speaker
  • Speaker stand
  • DVD player
  • Hifi Headphone – this thing is getting cheaper nowadays. This one is for my iPod, used when travelling.
  • Jebo 838 canister filter. Early preparation for my next aquarium project. Started collecting all the equipments already

Got home, without further ado, I set the wiring for the karaoke amp with the speaker, hook the DVD player on, hook microphone in, load the karaoke CD, and walla. Look ma… I’m singing….

It’s getting late. I better stop singing or I will annoys my neighbours with my lovely voice. Bring out the speaker stand out of the box, and starts assembling it.

Tada…. Here’s the finished product.

Oh no. I have to mess around with the cabling that I have behind my TV rack again. It sound that I need another weekend to do this. Yes that’s right. Lets do that next weekend.


Technical Manager at one of the market researcher company in KL who does blogging on his free time. Love cats very much. Always fascinated with new technology (as well as spending money on it)

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  1. yazid says:

    Ran, I was told by your neighbour that they are now signing the petition about this. Their petition headline is, “Enough! calling the rains will caused flash flood in KL!” kui kui

  2. amirahsyuhada says:

    imran wak patut beli mini CCTV tu pasang kat dengan aquarium…serius…ni..belilah!

  3. Fizz Hazrai says:

    perghh.. perghh.. dan pergghh…

  4. Imran says:

    zid. they should be grateful. in some places, there is hardly any rain for months. hehehhee

    amirah: mahal arr benda tuh. takpe arr.. nak jaga privacy emak ikan tu time dia beranak. hak hak

    fizz. bila nak buat aquarium?

  5. bala says:

    my av receiever sony str-dk5 -tidak memberi respon pada subwofer bila saya memasang di jak subwoofer

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