My New WD TV Live Hub


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  1. New Song says:

    What is the TV live Channel available? I thought of buy this product, but it’s expensive

    • Imran says:

      Live channel is only available for US model, since they can access Hulu or Netflix. For us in Malaysia, we only can transfer downloaded movies to this

      • Farhan Yusof says:

        IM, compare this model dengan wd elements play mana yang better?need your opinion pls..

        • Imran says:

          System kat dlm tu sama je. UI sama. Cuma yg live leh connect kat internet. Nanti leh view Youtube & other online service, pastu leh berfacebook, atau terus baca movie dari network. klu tak pakai sgt online features, pakai yg element pun ok.

  2. hidayu says:

    what about other channels like if we can browse online such as disney channel? etc?

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