Just now, I have been given the following link by Aries, to the website of MyHeritage.

At first, I thought this website is just another gimmick, where at the end, it either shows a picture of monkey or shows a picture of very ugly person.

But after trying it, I have to say that this website is really really really really cool!!! Find the celebrity in you!!. Yeap. That what it does. Just upload your pic, and it will detect your face area, and after that it will match your face with the closest faces of the world’s 3,200 most famous men and women. Make sure to upload high quality picture, the one that you take with digital camera as the recognition will be more accurate.

I have tried it myself. Ever wonder which celebrity that has closest match with my face? Tadaaa… Here is it. It’s Hrithik Roshan!!

Hehehe. No wonder there are a number of people that say that I have a bit of hindustani look. And some says that I have a bit of Arabian look.

Well, you not only can find the match face from the same gender, you can also find the face match of the opposite sex. So wanna see the women side of me? Hahahahaha. This is going to be funny. Hahahaha. I can’t stop laughing now. Here it is

She just too damn beautiful to be me.


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  1. aries1981 says:

    ms aries dah upload byk gamba tau imran! boss xde so apelagi, ms aries ngan kawan2 dok surf net from lunch time till now! hehehe

    p/s: my face match dgn drew barrymore! hehehe no wonder lar people always said that to me! **malu and blushing**

  2. Imran says:

    tnx ms aries. saya duk try ngan pic member2 ngan family ni. hehehe. dan saya dah sebarkan website2 ni kat member2 yg lain. hehehehe

  3. meera says:

    Im cam Hritik tu… hensem siottttttttt takkan takde yg berkenan kot… 😛

  4. aries1981 says:

    sokong 150% ape yg meera ckp tu! ;p

  5. nakaltitude says:


  6. moon says:

    mana pulak datang hindustannyer blood ni chekkk..

  7. Bta says:

    weh..aku nyer muka macam robbie william..dua tiga pic aku match and dalam tuh semua ada gambo robbie..pompuan plak pretty zinta..haha

  8. kuncup says:

    ader mirip Hrithik Roshan….
    nak takel bleh~??? :p

  9. aries1981 says:

    kuncup> dialu2kan…imran pun sedang mencari! ;p

  10. Imran says:

    kuncup&aries: hehehehe

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