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A friend of mine greet me today on YM, and he suddenly ask why I haven’t been updating my blog for so long. Well, this looks like a well known problem of me then – just don’t really know what to blog, and been really busy as always (or lazy as always to update blog)

Looking back at this entry, I did promise to write about my new fridge, since that incident really a historic one that brought me to buy my own house. So I though, this is something to blog for today then.

This is my spoilt 2-year-old fridge. Sigh. Still too new for this to be broken. I’ve spent RM550 already to fix this, and still it’s not functioning well. RM550 – half the price of a new fridge already.

What’s really wrong with this fridge anyway? The sensor & timer that control the compressor is spoilt. Under normal condition, the compressor will stop working automatically when there is frost of the cooling unit, to allow it to melt. And after that, the compressor will work again to cool down the fridge. What happened to my fridge, the compressor is in function all the time, and eventually, so many frost build on the cooling unit making no cool air being channel into the freezer. When it’s not cool enough, all the things in the freezer compartment is melting.

To fix this, I have to switch off the fridge for 1/2 a day to let all the ice melt, and switch the fridge back on, and it will operates normally for 3 days or so until the ice start to build again around the fan area of the cooling unit. Then the process of switching off the fridge has to repeat again. And this is going on for almost a year already, and that is the period of time that I haven’t been cooking at home at all, since I can’t buy any raw meat as there’s no place to store the leftover.

I have enought of that, and I guess it’s time to buy a new fridge. Well, since I want to make a new purchase, let’s get something that give your more satisfaction, even you have to pay a bit more than the normal price. So I’m getting this 640L LG fridge.

The unboxing process. As always, my cats are more excited than me. But it’s rather a pity that I have to tear the box like that. Actually, the box can be lifted up, but since the ceiling of my house is rather low, I can’t do that. And the fridge is just to heavy for me to tilt it forward, and pull the box out. If the box is still in one piece, I guess that will be a good toy for my cat.

Finally, here is my new fridge, next to the old one. Just don’t know what to do to the old one. I guess I will sell it as scrap to any recycle centre.

I just hope that I have the courage to write a few more back dated entries in this blog prior to this entry. So, stay tuned!


Technical Manager at one of the market researcher company in KL who does blogging on his free time. Love cats very much. Always fascinated with new technology (as well as spending money on it)

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  1. rarza says:

    hehe comel sgt kucing2 tu…gemuknye oyen tu…dapat peluk tak lepasnye

  2. Sankai says:

    hah ! finally !

  3. semut says:

    huhu.esbok baru.haha

  4. amirahsyuhada says:

    yeah, rindu lorr kat kucing2 tu. Am waiting patiently for those

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