New toys for 2008

Below are the new toys that I recently get, which I can conclude that those are new toys for the 2008.

Philips SBC HN110 Active noise cancelling headphone
First is this Philips SBC HN110 Active noise cancelling headphone.

So what is noise cancelling? This headphone has a mic on it. The purpose of the mic is as an input of the surrounding noise. With this noise, the headphone will generate a sound which is in reverse of the surrounding noise. So when the actual sound meet with this reverse sound, the sound is cancelled. For more technical explation, you can go here.

This is how the headphone looks outside the box.

Well, even though this piece of equipment is just an entry level for noise cancelling headphone (Bose one costs almost RM600 – pheww) but it does quite a good job in muting the noise, especially when I’m on car/bus travelling.

MosQuito remote controlled helicopter
Next, everytime I went to Carrefour, and passing by the toy section, I always fascinated with this thing – a radio controlled helicopter. I have had radio controlled car in the past, but helicopter, is something new and I would like to try.

Well guess what, I just go ahead and get one.

This is it out of the box.

I don’t intend to show the picture of me playing it. Anyway, was thinking of giving this away to my nephew/nieces when I’m bored with it. As always, I gave it to my mum, and her grandsons/granddaughters can always play with it, but it has to be played at my mum’s house. Just a good way of making my brothers/sisters to bring their children to my mum’s house.

abigs DVP-370A Multimedia Player
Just a few days ago, my PC is playing game with me. I was installing something on my PC, and it asked me to reboot. But after the PC shut down, it won’t boot up again. That’s kinda strange. I check the power cable by pulling it out, and put it back in, but still, it won’t boot up. So decided to go out to kitchen to get something to drink, when a few moments later, my friend called my saying that something is exploding inside the PC. Oh dear. What’s wrong.

I took out the PC, and it seems that the power supplied has fried. I guess it is overloded – well, I have 3 hard drives plus 2 DVD-ROMs for it to power up.

Went to Digital Mall, Petaling Jaya to get a new power supply. This time, I get the one with more wattage support. And my bad habit happened again. Browsing through the shop, and suddenly I bought this multimedia hdd enclosure – abigs DVP-370A Multimedia Player.

What is this thing actually? Well, you can think it as enclosure for external harddisk. Just put harddisk inside, and you have external hdd already. But what’s more with this is that it also acts as multimedia player. Meaning, connect this to TV, and you can play your media (music, video, photo) right from this thing. This is the how the unit looks like out of the box.

While normal external HDD enclosure only have power jack and USB jack, this multimedia have more connectors behind it, all that deals with the output of audio and video.

I have a spare 10GB hard disk, which should be enough for me to test my new multimedia player. And here it is in action.

Well, next month is time to get big hard disk for this. 300GB one is enough I guess.


Technical Manager at one of the market researcher company in KL who does blogging on his free time. Love cats very much. Always fascinated with new technology (as well as spending money on it)

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  1. syia says:

    byknye gadgets baru.. eh noise canceling tu.. boleh buat dgr lagu jugak x? ke memang just utk cancel noise je?

    ni smue dibeli 1 hr je ke?? perr..

  2. Imran says:

    eh. takde arr. beli hari2 berbeza. tapi dlm bulan yg sama. headphone tu boleh buat dgr lagu. yg special dia, bunyi yg kita dgr tu jelas sebab dia dan cancel noise. memang best kalau guna dekat2 yg bising. saya kalau pakai ni, kalau org cakap ngan saya, memang saya takkan dengar punya

  3. zaif says:

    yeah E.. i tried it already.. masa u bawak umah i ari tu kann earphone tu.. mmg sedap bunyi dia guna ipod u ari tu..

    ermm hdd enclosure nih mmg i terujaa sangat.. will getting one soon.. leh buat media center kan with this.. nak nak banyak menda dload nih.. la ni dok sambung pc ngan tv jek.. kalo ade menda ni, senang, leh bawak gie memana.. no need to bring dvd.. just download n plug to ur tv.. taddda…

    • Imran says:

      eh. u ada try my headphone hari tu ek 😉 yg hdd enclosure tu, best sgt. Just bought new 500GB hard disk. Yg tu letak kat PC, dan yg 300GB kat pc tu (yg beli dari member u dulu tu) I put kat hdd enclosure tu. Dah letak sumer movie2 yg download dari torrent kat dlm tu. So convinient. Sambung je kat tv, terus leh play.

  4. amirahsyuhada says:

    imran ada PS 3 tak? just asking..

    • Imran says:

      saya takde PS3 lagi. teringin gak nak beli, tapi kan, sebelum saya beli PS3, nak kena invest kat HDTV dulu (tv lcd sony bravia tu ker). sebab PS3 nih HD output. So kalau main kat TV biasa, the feel sama je main PS2. Tapi kalau PS3 sambung kat HDTV, graphic dia….. marvelous…… hehehe

  5. zaif says:

    wahh tak sabar tunggu E beli hdtv.. sonok mencuba gadget2 baru E nih.. games console x minat sangat.. tapi minat tengok org main.. i suka main games sbb slalu tensen bila asik mati n cepat fedup, pastu terus tak nak main dah.. so suka beli, kasi org main then i tumpang sonok..

    E.. hdd i kekadang tak leh detect arr sbb ape yek? ada kena mengena dgn power supply ke? dah 3 thn pc nih tak penah tukar lagik power supply.. then bila i unplug secondary hdd tu, leh detect plak primary.. bila cabut pasang banyak kali, then baru detect balik secondary tu.. ermm lagi satu nak tanya, power supply kita leh pakai beli je ke? atau ada certain2 jek yg seswai utk mobo pentium 4 biasa cam i nih?

    ops sori dah jadik kaunter pertanyaan plak kat comment’s blog nih.. hikhik

  6. juji says:

    hi there
    mcmana user interface Abigs HD mediaplayer?
    any problem so Far?
    mcmana dgn HDMI cable? ada disediakan dlm package?

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