Ops….. I invented funny terms again

KUCHING 7 Jun – Sebanyak 1,310 orang yang terbabit dalam aktiviti jenayah dan gengsterisme ditangkap sejak penubuhan pasukan khas dan pelancaran Ops Cantas Kenyalang bagi menggempur kumpulan samseng di Sarawak, April lalu.

Above is an excerpt from the Utusan Malaysia that I read today. I then start to wonder, how many Ops that have been launched and how some of the Ops have a very funny name.

So below are other Ops that I manage to dig from the internet. Let see how many Ops that you’ve heard, and how many you aware of, or any other Ops that you want to add to the list?

  • Ops Cantas Kenyalang
  • Ops Didik
  • Ops Gaji
  • Ops Hati Budi
  • Ops Keris Tukul
  • Ops Kongxi
  • Ops Lallang
  • Ops Lubuk Bangla
  • Ops Masih Ada Yang Saya
  • Ops Octupus
  • Ops Pagar
  • Ops Pati
  • Ops Pengarah
  • Ops Rambo
  • Ops Rumah Urut
  • Ops Sayang
  • Ops Sikap
  • Ops Tedung
  • Ops Tegar
  • Ops Tegas
  • Ops Tiong
  • Ops Tulen
  • Ops Tutup


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