Oyen gets eye infection

Waking up this morning, it is rather unusual that I didn’t see Oyen in front of my bedroom’s door, meowing loudly waiting for the food for breakfast. I tried to shout his name several times, which usually he will come running to me at the time like this (for food).

I found him still sleeping, and when I got near him, he woke up, and started to rub his eyes with his paws. Then when I have even a closer look, I saw this.

On no! What’s happenening to my Oyen? Decided to take 1/2 day leave today to bring him to vet. Sigh! I hate going through the HR department explaining why I need to take 1/2 day of emergency leave. In the past, it’s quite simple. I just need to phone my boss, and she will update that in the system. But now, they want every single leave taken has to go through HR department.

Allrite. Just called HR, and just called my boss. I’m off to vet clinic now. Oyen seems not so very comfortable.


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7 Responses

  1. puteh says:

    nie mesti kena cakar dgn kucing lain kot!

  2. Imran says:

    mmm.. takde tanda2 luka. cuma mata dia merah sgt, dan mucus keluar dari mata

  3. moon says:

    kalau dulu stray cats yang datang2 kat rumah, mak suka bagi makan..banyak kucing2 tu mata diorang sakit, cam ni la rupa..
    tah tah kalau tak bawak pegi vet, nanti mata dia tak boleh bukak sebelah..huuuu..ngeri, sian!

  4. fazira abdull says:

    Its a common response during infection, berair dan sedikit viscous disharge. It shows that Oyen’s immune system fight off the viral threat. Did the Vet mentioned the virus name? Herpes ye? Don’t worry, Oyen’s will recover soon. Just go on with the medication routine 🙂

  5. Fauzan aka Jeketb says:

    kesiannya oyen..(“,)
    oyen ni jinak x??

    saya pon ade kucing oren gak..tp nme die bkn oyen r..hihi..adik saya bg nme ‘joni’ hehe..lawakkn nme tu..

  6. rinaKeiko says:

    alaa.. poor oyen 🙁
    aa rase nk nanges pula

  7. Imran says:

    moon: hehehe. tapi, nilah first time saya tgk camna rupa kucing yg sakit mata

    fazira,rinakeiko: alhamdulillah. oyen dah fully recovered now. tapi punyalah susah nak kasik dia makan antibiotik tu sampai habis, dan picit ubat dlm mata.

    fauzan: oh. ur cat nama joni ek. letak arr gambar dlm ur blog

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