Pak Ya Chinese Muslim Food

Tonight, I feel like eating something different from what I normally eat for dinner. Been asking amongst my friends where someone suggested Chinese food. There’s a well known halal Chinese food restaurant – Pak Ya Chinese Muslim Food.

Here is the location map. If you are trying to use “Direction To Here” feature on Google Map, it suggested a very weird route around the MRR2. The easiest is to ask people for MBO Ampang shopping complex or the newly opened Ampang One Avenue shopping complex. Once you are there, then asking the direction from Google Map will show the route that you can pass by.

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I’m quite overwhelm to see the list of food in the menu. They are all something that I’ve never heard before, and really are different from the meal that I usually have.

This is what I ordered tonight – Nasi Sotong Kong Po for the main dish.

I also have Buttered Prawn and Telur “Fu Yong” for side dishes. Well, so much for side dishes 😉

I’m quite impress with the speed that the dishes are prepare. When I was there, the restaurant is quite pack with people, and I’m with
other 6 of my friends, with each of us ordering different thing. I remember I only have to wait for about 10 mins before I get all of my 3 dishes.

Price just a little bit expensive to me, but for the taste of the food that you get, the price seems so reasonable. I will definitely come here again any try other dishes.


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  1. meowwmania says:

    wahh nmpk mcm sedap time naik KL leh cuba =]

  2. Farhan Yusof says:

    nyam2 fuhh sure best… berapa kali tmbh nasi nie? ^_^ kat melaka style baba nyonya, dulu ade try chinese food, mualaf dari china masak. makan mee sup dia.. banyak halia.. ermm try makan gune chopstik ambik feel.. most interesting dapat sembang2 dengan tukang masak dari china..

  3. azman says:

    mmm…besttt…u all bole cuba gak authentic chinese muslim recipe kat Restoran Adam Lee Abdullah. Ada lebih 100 ala carte. Yg specialnya dia ada chef utk “hand pulled noodles”(mee asli buat sendiri,u all bole tengok demo sendiri). Try mee soup herba dia…bestt. restoran dia kat subang dan dengar dia nk buka kat selangor bisness ctr dkt Tesco sect 13 s.alam. harga dia pun murah dr yg lain. bole call tokey dia 0196106778

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