Project Potville

Was strolling along the isle of Carrefour after work earlier, and stop by at the garden section to check out is there any other good live plant to buy to put at my office’s desk.

Got fascinated by this chilli plant in the pot. I can use this for cooking, or put it in “budu” if I have them at home.

But rather than buying the already planted one, would be more fun to buy the seed, and plant it myself.

Behold my new project, and I call it “Project Potville”. So stay tuned. There surely will be more posts about this project in the nearest future, and wish me luck 🙂


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  1. marts says:

    Imre, hari tu balik raya bawa balik bunga 2 pasu. Sekali satu jenis bunga tu kucing suka, habis tot baham daun2 dengan bunga2 sekali. Letak tinggi pun dia panjat dan terbalikkan pasu pulak. Jangan sampai kucing suka sudah, habis daun kena gigit.

    Marts suka jugak pokok cili. Senang.

  2. Anif® says:

    Hahahaha.. Yang ini baru "real"! Farmville tu tipu jer 🙂

  3. ell elina says:

    Hahaha.. tanam pokok cili kat opis nanti senang la nak masak petik jer.. =D boleh la meniaga skali.. sepeket rm1 huahuahua ;))

  4. saya teringin gak nak tanam! Tq! bagi ilham.

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