Ramadhan 2009: 27th Day – “Balik Kampung”

The day that I’ve been looking forward for since Monday, the day that I will “balik kampung” for the coming Hari Raya. As what I told Marts last time, the “duit raya” spread photo is a must. Hehe..

My sister’s daughter happened to be at my mum’s house when I arrived. And this is my sister’s youngest daughter. I’ve been noticing that she quite like new technology too. And who else to run after than this uncle of her who like gadgets. At this moment, she keeps asking a lot of questions about my Canon 40D DSLR.

Anyway, my sister’s daugthers are getting early duit raya this year as they will be celebrating it at Johor (my sister’s husband hometown) and Singapore, and only back to Kelantan the week after.

After berbuka, my nieces just ask me to join them playing fireworks. The photo of them in their glory just before the event started. Hehe. I just can’t believed that my sister’s eldest daughter will be taking SPM already this year.

Night photography is quite challenging without tripod, and I happened to forget to bring it back this time.

Quite a fun activity on my first day balik kampung, except for the 3 phone calls that I received from office about the crisis of one of the project. Hehe


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  1. putraZ says:

    Yang baju pink belang2 tuh… dah abes skolah nnti bagitau kat i ok.. hehehe..

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