Ramadhan 2012 : Day 4

Decided to have my “sahur” today at McDonalds (while getting the 3rd week Olympic glass). There’s a 24 hour one at Jalan Pahang, not very far from my place. I have my alarm clock set at 3:30am, but just feeling too lazy to go out.

Since I didn’t buy anything extra from “buka puasa” yesterday, checking the freezer part of my fridge, I found 2 slices of burger meat. So here is my “sahur” for today – fried beef burger meat with Rempeyek Bayam.

I have an uneasy stomach today, I guess the result of eating spicy fried mee yesterday. Instead of going to “pasar ramadhan” to get the meal for “berbuka puasa”, don’t know what came to my mind that I want to cook today.

I just want to cooking something simple – “Ayam Goreng Kunyit”. I can have this with hot white rice and sweet soy sauce, and I can eat several dishes.

So lets get the ingredients ready. Luckily I can find carrot and traffic light bell pepper in my fridge.

After spending about 15 minutes chopping, all the raw ingredients have been prepared, and it’s time to get cooking.

So here you go, “Ayam Goreng Kunyit” just been cooked and hot out of the wok.

Hhhmm. I have not been playing around with my DSLR for quite sometimes already. Fancy of taking photo of the dish that I just cooked with one.

My housemate also decided to cook sardine. Well, at least I have an extra dish for my “berbuka puasa” today.

So there you go, my simple dished for “sahur” and “berbuka puasa” today.


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3 Responses

  1. adam says:

    “hot out of the wok” it rhymes lah. Hahaha. That sardin bowl a bit sumbing, time to get a new one, no? =p

  2. Farhan Yusof says:

    wahh ayam goreng kunyit,simple.. blh try menu nie..

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