Ramadhan Buffet 2010 at INTEKMA

Remember the first time that I took step to INTEKMA for Ramadhan buffet 4 years ago? Until then, INTEKMA is a must visit venue for every for buffet fast breaking almost every single year.

Today on the 2nd day of Ramadhan marks the first day of Ramadhan Buffet of INTEKMA for the year 2010. And I feel honored again this time as Emilia Basri has invited me again to INTEKMA for free Ramadhan buffet Iftar. Representative from Tourism Malaysia, press and bloggers are also invited.

The theme for this year is “Kembali Ke Desa, Menjalin 1Malaysia”. The price is RM43 nett for adult, but there is a special price of RM35 per person that you can get if you go there between 12th to 17th August 2010. Even for the full price of RM43, this is still a good bargain. Just check my entry of Ramadhan buffet for this year. It’s hard to find buffet that is priced at RM40ish.

The venue is the same as last time, the relaxing and beautiful Poolside Cafe.

I’ve been placed at the Press table. Well. There’s quite a hilarious event took place here. While I was away taking photos, the representative from Berita Harian asked my friend a question “Dari Mana? (Where from?)”. Then my friend replied “Dari Sentul (From Sentul)”. Then that guy gave my friend a weird look. Then someone else replied, “We are not from anywhere. We are bloggers”. So that guy means is, from which press that we are from. LOL.

Not let’s go to the more interesting part – the foods. Lets start of with the “kuih-muih”. There are variety that you can choose from.

And the one that caught me is this chocolate icing cake. I bet this will be gone in no time.

Also, there are 14 lines up of crackers biscuits that you can eat while relaxing after the big meal of fast breaking.

Western salads and tradition “ulam kampung” are also available to boost your appetite.

And the highlight should go to the buffet lineup that you can choose from. There are 10 lines up that you can choose – chicken, squid, lamb, mutton, veggie – that should covers everything.

Grilled lamb is a must get. Too bad that I don’t fancy mutton that much. There’s also “sup ekor asam pedas” and “nasi lemak ayam berempah”.

The “kuih muih” that I had for fast breaking today.

Thanks again to Emilia Basri for the invitation, and for the goodies bag. Looking forward to be there again.


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  1. amy says:

    great review, wonderful pictures… appreciate this…
    many thanx to you, Imran…

    anyway, for booking, please contact 03-5522 5009 or 5522 5066

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