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7 years being at my current workplace, for the very first time, I’m feeling so suffocated on how messy things have become now. Seriously, I used to love and enjoy doing my job before, but now it’s a rather spaghetti of mess that I’ve drowned into. How things have turned to be so politic, and everybody just trying to save their own ass. Day after day, I really feel that all of us getting farther from each other. I’m now part of this ugly beast, that really making me just to run away. Someone told me that this is the time that I have to play a little game, but playing game is never being one of thing that I’m good at. Not clear of what I’m trying to say? Well, that’s the purpose. This is RANDOM thoughts anyway, where it suppose not to make any sense.


Technical Manager at one of the market researcher company in KL who does blogging on his free time. Love cats very much. Always fascinated with new technology (as well as spending money on it)

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  1. amirahsyuhada says:

    “Not clear of what I’m trying to say?”

    why i feel that you had wrote as clear as you can tell us. huhu.

    Che imran, its happens everywhere, we have to face this thing whether we like it or not. As person that not good in this thing, we will always become a victim in a wrong place and in a wrong time, or we also become indirect target on this game. Put some faith, and play safe, as you can.

    good luck

  2. my_sara says:

    sounds like a good time to make a career move somewhere else, don’t you think? ^_^

  3. Anonymous says:

    ran my buddy, it has been quite some time tada jumpa and chat, exchanging thoughts as well.. since from the good ol jaring blog and blogspot. Sigh, me no longer maintaining the planetyazid since moved to melaka.. the cyberphere nampaknya terpaksalah dilupakan, walaupun keje hari mengadap pc. owell life goes on…


  4. rarza says:

    for me…i agreed with amirahsyuhada…just put some faith and play with it,play with the flow…nothing is impossible…i know you can do it…

  5. raden putra says:

    what to do?! run and maybe i’ll be running again for the rest of my life? or maybe that’s what i call ‘managing risks and leaving before they drown me’? or stay and maybe toughen up and mutate into a new me that i may like? or end up being someone i don’t like?

    is staying worth it? but if i leave now, i can still make it elsewhere since i’m still young, rite? so they say if u wanna move on, better move before you’re 40. is it?

  6. bubbabub says:

    It’s hard when you have already found your comfort zone.

    If you don’t feel like going back to start all over again at a new workplace then STAY. By now you should already know that those politics are like flies, you shuuush them away but they keep coming back once in awhile. It’s just a matter of how long you can cope with that or totally change the way you handle em.

    If you are ready and very positive towards the new offer, then LEAVE. Changes are always good.

    I’ve been through the situation three times in my life, always the outcome is to LEAVE for a better offer, and I’ve been lucky enough to encounter changes that keeps getting better and better even when i felt that i’m not ready to leave my comfort zone, twice. I just went for it.

    Leave or stay. Always remember not to have any regrets on your decision and You’ll be happy no matter how it will turn out to be.

    Gud Luck Lah!

  7. afida says:

    hi there… was bloghopping and found you blog. got your LHDN refund oredi?

  8. Sankai says:

    give yourself some time to figure things out. Apparently they have faith in you and believe in your ability to perform the tasks given to you. 🙂

    So i guess, all you need now is to just start believing in yourself. Figure out the rules of the game and start playing it your way. Turn the tables around for a change.


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