Seagate FreeAgent Go 320GB + Dock

So, how’s your first day at work for 2010? Well, it’s rather a bad start for me. I’m on EL. LOL. Just not feeling well. I guess the sudden temperature change (it’s quite cold at Cameron Highland, and very hot in KL) and the sudden pressure change (my ears still feels the effect) make my system goes haywire. So, I decided to call for an EL this morning. Don’t feel like going to doctor as I will take existing medicine.

Who said that only girls use “shopping” as a theraphy? It can happen to guys too. Well, for me, it’s only one stop that will make me feel like in heaven – Low Yat Plaza. LOL. Since my portable hard disk crashed last Hari Raya Aidilfitri holiday, I yet to get a replacement. So, I’m getting Seagate FreeAgent GO 320GB together with the FreeAgent Go Dock.

Here are the contents of the hard disk box,

and here at the contents of the dock box. Kinda like the pouch that comes with the dock.

Here is the hard disk connected to the dock. Red and white color combination always work for me.

And here is how the hard disk on the dock looks like from the side.

Like I said previously, I like the carrying pouch that came with the dock.

I guess this is the very first new toy for 2010, with a total damage of RM268 😉


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  1. Marts says:

    Lawa la docking dia. 😀

  2. @mdanif says:

    Cool gadget! Looks like an ipod from the side.

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