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I’ve been browsing Shashinki’s website for quite sometimes now. This is one of my favourite website when doing a survey of the market price of photography equipments. As a matter of facts, the price that they offered here is quite cheap as well compared to the price that I surveyed at any other photo shops.

One thing that caught my interest is this bag designed for carrying camera and lenses. The price is unbelievably very cheap.

Which makes me wonder. Upon researching on the Internet, Think Tank Photo brand is quite a well established brand for photography equipments. So I guess the above really have a very good bargain. So I made an online order of that, together with other few things as well.

The day that I’ve been waiting for has arrived, where the parcel is finally here. I can’t really wait to open. But the package looks really small for a camera bag. So I guess the bag has a very good ergonomic design where is can be flattened so thin.

But upon unwrapping the package, oh boy I got surprised. It’s not the bag actually, but actually the divider set to be used inside the bag. Oh my. I’m very seldom make a wrong purchase. Not quite sure why I haven’t research enough on the product. I guess the price makes me excited and starts to ignore other fine details about the product.

It’s time do to more research. Well, Think Tank Photo products has a very interesting system. You can buy a bag, and depending on what you get, there are variety of other optional products that you can use. It’s like you can top up more accessories to your bag where you have money. So what I did previously is to buy the accessories.

So I guess it’s time to buy the bag itself. This is actually the bag that the low divider set that I bought previously can be used as optional accessories. The price tag for this is quite high, but I kinda fall in love for Think Tank Photo products already.

Well, since I want to make a new order, I might as well order other accessories. This is the notebook bag, which is very think can can be used on its own. But with the low divider set that I got above, this notebook bag can be placed on top of it. Quite neat. Refer here to know more.

Thursday, 28 August, I received email from Shashinki that my order has been shipped
Order Number: xxxx
View / Print Invoice:
Date Ordered: Friday 22 August, 2008

Thank you for shopping at!

Your order status has been updated to:
Order status: Shipped – Partial
Item(s) ordered has been shipped to you today. You will receive it tomorrow.

Citylink tracking number: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Traceable at (after 24-48 hours):

Please email us if you have not received the item within 2 business days.

We will send out the Canon RS-80N3 Remote Switch (1Ds 5D 30D 20D 10D D60 D30) once stock received.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions by replying to this email.

Thank you!

Yours sincerely, – Malaysia Online Camera Shop!

You will receive it tomorrow : Wow! I like that. Using courier, I should received it really quick, but the problem is, the parcel is addressed to my house, and cannot to my office for security reason, since my credit card billing address is my house. So in that Friday morning, I started to track my shipment, and request to work from home in the afternoon. Luckily my boss approved.

I’ve waited the whole afternoon, but damn. I wait for nothing. So at night, I started to track my parcel again. It back to the Shah Alam centre. What the hell.

Saturday morning, 29 August, the first thing that I do track the shipment again. Oh yes. I saw my parcel departs from the centre at 9:05am. And do you know what I do today. I just stay at home the whole morning, waiting for that parcel. But at 1:30pm, I saw the parcel is back to the Shah Alam centre. This really gets to my nerves. Calling their helpline is no use, and they close for the day already. And tomorrow is Sunday, and Monday is public holiday. Sigh. I’m so disappointed.

At night, when I check the shipment tracking again, the status is set to “Delivery Info-CLOSE-OFFICE/HOUSE CLOSED”. WTF. I’ve waited at home the whole morning and afternoon today, and I hear no one knocking on my door.

This morning, gave City-Link a call asking when I will receive the parcel? The lady said it will be shipped today. But when I say, I wait the whole damn day at home on Saturday, but why the shipment status is HOUSE CLOSED, the lady just don’t know what to answer. Then I told that I will come to City-Link tonight to collect the parcel myself. I can’t afford to be working from home again today to collect my parcel.

So I went to City-Link Glenmarie Shah Alam after fast breaking today. Have to wait for 1/2 an hour before the officer and the person that does the delivery came out with my parcel. The person said that he went again to my house today and left the yellow card in my mailbox. Well. I don’t see any yellow card in my mail box.

So, here are the summary of the shipment of my parcel. It took 5 days before I got it, compared to what being written in the email above. Jeez. I can’t really stand service like this.

Well. Here is the package that I’m waiting for.

They ask me to check whether this is the correct parcel. Yeap. Looks like this one is mine all-right.

So here are the contents of the parcel. Think Tank Photo Airport International 2.0 Carry On Bag, Think Tank Photo Artificial Intelligence 15 and Hakuba Ultra Strong Anti-Fungus Packs for Camera Lens. Canon RS-80N3 Remote Switch is missing from this shipment, which it will be shipped once the stock is in.

The two bags again, different view.


As always, where there is box, there will be my cats. This is a very rare scene that I got here. Uneng is trying to jump into the box, which usually he is quite shy, and just stay quite far from the rest when they are playing with boxes.

There you go. Oyen jumped out from the box after Uneng jumped in. I guess Oyen just shock, since he is usually the one that monopoly everything.



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  1. rarza says:

    haha shashiki..dekat je ngan umah lama tau sgt area tu 🙂

  2. Imran says:

    hehe. ye ke rarza. tulah. kalau dekat2 lagi senang kan. pegi beli barang kat sana je.

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