Shopping at North Michigan Avenue

Well, it’s not shopping really, but I just went for sight seeing at this world class shopping, dining, lodging and entertaiment at this Magnificent Mile area. Here I am at the intersection of East Chicago Avenue and North Michigan Avenue.

The whole street is full with malls and shopping centres. The view is kinda nice here, and it’s quite a busy place. We can think it as Bukit Bintang area, where there are always people walking around. But everything kinda expensive here. What I did just window shopping.

My niece just sent me email 3 days ago, telling that I would be her birthday soon. Hhhmm.. Very opportunist. Well. Got to find something for her I guess. So my window shopping session has become a little shopping session for me.

Went to The Disney Store to get plush toys for my niece. And I also can’t believe there’s another thing that I’m getting for myself – a brand new 160GB iPod Classic, and a hard case for it.

Was walking around this area, when I found a very big Apple store here, which I have to get in. There are many of Apple products on display here, which you can play around with it. So this is the first time I look at iPhone live, and have a chance to play around with it, and first time that I can lay a hand on the brand new iPod Touch. I blog about new iPod lineup a while ago.

I just got the urge that I really want to do shopping today. So, which one to get – iPhone, iPod touch for the new iPod Classic. Well, iPhone might not work yet in Malaysia as it’s already locked to service provider here. There’s a forum around about unlocking iPhone, but just too risky for me to get. iPod Touch is really cool. You got to see it in action, and you’ll be amazed. iPod Classis is something worth to get too. 160GB – double the size of my current iPod, and it also got a new interface, which is a lot nicer than previous version.

Believe me, I spend 45 mins there, playing around with the products as well as deciding which one to get. Apple TV is quite cool too, but this is a worth buy if you have HDTV. So, I’ll pass this first until the time I can afford to buy HDTV.

After a long thinking, I decided to get 160GB iPod Classic. iPod Touch really awesome, with with 8GB/16GB, it’s far too small for me. I like to bring all of my MP3s, rather than selecting which MP3s that I want to store in my MP3 player. Furthermore, the new iPod Classic has new interface, has cover flow – so much new things compared to previous version, which is worth to get.

Well, what about my previous 80GB iPod Video, which I just bought 6 months ago? Luckily I manage to find a buyer for my iPod already. Well, I won’t be making a decision to buy a new iPod after all if I can’t find the buyer of my previous iPod. Can’t wait to go back to Malaysia, as I will do the unpacking of my new iPod 😉


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  1. amirahsyuhada says:

    jeles..jeles..Apple store…huuuu..bestnyer tgok all of their product. Cutenyer present tu.

  2. darLINg says:

    wow..nak jd ur niece jgk la…
    tp i nak ipod tu.. ;p

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