Submitted my tax form

Finally, I finished filling up the hardcopy of the BE form last night. Damn. I have “cukai kena bayar” this time. Last year I have “cukai terlebih bayar“.

Here’s the form in the envelop, ready to be submitted to Inland Revenue Board (IRB).

Don’t feel like sending it via post. I actually went straight to LHDN Kg Attap to submit the form.

Anyway, I’m kinda dissapointed and mad. There is this thing called e-Filing where you can complete your BE form electronically, and submit it electronically too to IRB. And I did. As a matter of fact, I completed my BE form really a while ago.

Electronic version of BE form is actually a PDF version of the form with interactive XML form control inside it. It is really automated. It checks the validity of your input, disable the field that you don’t need to enter automatically, and calculate the values to you automatically. I found it really easy to complete my BE form this way.

But the pain-in-the-asses started after that. In order to use e-Filing, you need to register first. And to register, you need Digital Certificate slip, something like below.

To get that, you need to visit any LHDN branch personally. It can’t be obtained online. So there I go, finding the time in my really busy schedule to go there and get the slip.

The slip actually contain the PIN number that you need to use to register for a Digicert certificate, which you need to install it to your computer after that. And things getting really technical from this point onwards, of which I think the not so savvy computer user will have problem understanding the process.

Once everything finished, it’s time to submit the form electronically. There is a button “Tandatangan Dan Hantar” button.

This is not a normal signature that you do using pen, but it’s a digital signature. Remember the Digicert certificate that you register and install to computer before? Haa.. That’s the use of that. To digitally sign your form, so that it is verified that the form is from you, and the form is submitted securely to IRB.

But I heart just melt in anger, after all the trouble that I went through, from getting the certificate slip from IRB, download and reading the manual, register and install my certificate and finally, finish up with filling in the BE form, I keep getting the following error every time I try. Arrgghhhhhh…

As a matter of fact, I keep trying to do it everyday. Looking at the error, it is not something to do with the server being down, but it has something to do with the code they use.

I got so fed up. I guess sending the form traditionally in physical form is less troublesome than that. Well, I was thinking of having the taste of digital living, but it seems that it failed miserabably.


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  1. amirahsyuhada says:

    aiii…ni pagi ni sy tgh isi borang BE tulah bengong kepala saya. Semalam beratur bagai nak rak kat LHDN nak amik sijil utk e-filing tu, skali abis daaaa!! bengang!!! erkkk..nak mengira cukai ni pun tgh pening..

  2. moon says:

    semalam sebelum hantar borang tu saya pun siap ambik gambar borang saya lagik! hohoho..
    ingat mmg nak taruk kat blog tapi tak sempat2 aihh..
    e filing tu cam bengong sket lah!

  3. Mohd Jeffry says:

    memang tah pape. Asala tak buat pakai html form ontop of https.. kan senang. Aku nak submit pakai firefox pun boleh. Ini buat mahal2 ( agaknya la ) tapi tak boleh pakai..

    anyway promote sikit.. hehehe
    cite aku pi submit form LHDN

  4. Anonymous says:

    ntah apa2 ker?
    sy submit sng jer..
    well..requirement utk eFiling is IE 5.0 ke atas..Windows 2000 and XP..
    Kena set gk Active X control at Internet Option, Tool, Security Level bg enable..
    And check la gk kt Add/Remove Program, Signing Module Version berapa? Plg latest is Version 2.0..
    Rasanya if ikut semua step lg dh ok..Beribu2 org dh berjaya, x kan u all x bley nk bg berjaya kot..

    Tk yh pening2, if guna eFiling, the system will automatic calculate for you..
    Trust me..

  5. Azhad says:

    Betullah Imran, saya dan isteri saya dah submit guna e-filing tak ada masalahpun. Sekali buat semua okay.

  6. normala.sahari says:

    Yup imran, there is something wrong with the code. Penat2 isi form tapi x boleh nak hantar. Konon2 server jammed lah thatlah thislah…i and my officemates rasa2 mcm coding they all something wrong. I pun need to rush up to kg atap and sent it personally.

  7. Anonymous says:

    nk cari kawan lama sy keje kat LHDN kg atap.syarifah aloyah syed mustaffa, asal Sg petani , kedah. belajar seklai kat Uitm arau dulu….

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