Testing my credit score

Do you know that every activities that you do/will do that involve you borrowing money, might it be applying for loan, buying stuffs using installment or applying for credit card are governed by credit scoring system?

I don’t personally know how the calculate your score, but what I know, the more loan you have, the lower your score is. And if you have bad credit card payment history, it will surely give a -ve impact in your credit score, and so on. From the, how good or bad your credit score, will determine the successful of your next loan/installment/credit card application.

About 2 weeks ago, when I was shopping for my aircond at Jusco, I saw this Aeon/Jusco credit card booth everywhere. Hhhmm. I wonder how my credit score like? Lets give it a test by applying for this new credit card from Jusco (i.e the called Aeon now after Aeon acquired Jaya Jusco). Well. I have nothing to loose right. If not approved, it’s fine. If approved, then I have another credit card, and I don’t have to pay anything (for now). Anyway, the yearly fee is RM30. Not too bad compared to my other credit cards.

And Saturday last week, I received SMS from Aeon telling that my Jusco credit card has been approved. Yippe!!! Well, I’m glad it’s not because a have a few thousands more to spend, but because my credit score is still fine, will all the current credit cards that I own, installment that I made and latest, the loan that I made.

Hey. I’m a good debt payer you know. Hehehe… I never miss my loan payment, and never miss the appliances that I bought using installment (as I’m paying using auto-debit from my bank), and lastly for credit card.

This afternoon, my office’s reception called me that I have a registered letter downstair. So I went down, and get the letter.

And as I expected, it’s my new Jusco credit card.

But I really really really make a pact on this one, that I will never never never never never ever use this credit card. I will keep it in the envelope, and lock it away in my cupboard’s drawer.

I hope that it stays there and never need to be taken out from the envelope, and I will really make sure of that, except in the case of extreme emergency


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5 Responses

  1. moon says:

    tu nak tunjuk kredit kad baru ke…nak tunjuk voucher RM10 ke…nak tunjuk passport? hahaha..

    credit card ni kadang2 bukan diorang based on that sangat imran, diorang tau nak untung je, kalau kita tak lepas pun diorang boleh bagi lepas, komisyen tu..

  2. Imran says:

    moon. nak tunjuk sumer actually. hak hak

  3. mE says:

    hehe..tunjuk semua..dapat la kite tengok semua.. 😀

    besh ke ade credit card neh eyh?

  4. kerry says:

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  5. cred1tcards says:

    need a new credit card????


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