The best product for your clogged drain

The drain of the sink in my bedroom’s bathroom is clogged like, forever. Yes. On the first day that I live at this house, the drain is already clogged. I just can’t remember how many times I pump the drain using the plunger, but the result is still the same.

Then I started to think of using chemical alternative. Here are some of the products that I use in the past several months.

The drain is actually not completely clogged, but the water runs down really slow. What happened was, the constructor that did the tiles in the bathroom actually pour the left over white cement into the sink, resulting the cement to dry in the drain, and clog the water runaway. Talking about constructor that can’t think of common sense.

The first type of declogger that I use is of gel type, which can be thought of in liquid form. But since it is not completely clogged, the gel is actually, the gel actually got drained out. The other type that I use is of crystal form, of which you pour a glass of water, and eventually becoming liquid form. So this doesn’t work too.

And yesterday, just before I got home from, I bought this foaming type drain declogger product.

And when it is in a foam form, it doesn’t really run down the drain quickly, like liquid does. So, the foam is in contact with the clog for the maximum time. I let the foam do it works for 1 hour as what said on the label. And what happened after that?

My bathroom drain is no longer clogged. Yippe!!! I’m so happy that I actually blog about my pathetic experience with the clogged drain of my bathroom’s sink.


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