The quest of finding new house (accomplished)

Following up my previous quest of finding new house, this time, it has to happen no matter what as I have about 15 days left at my current house before I have to empty it by 1st of February.

Actually, at the beginning of the month, I have been in contact with the previous agent that I attend when enquiring about the house last time, but sadly the person said that the house is taken. But no worries the person said, as there are many other units.

So I set up an appointment with the person again today, and saying upon viewing the house, if everything is OK, I will pay everything on the spot and I want the key to the house on the spot too. But the person said cannot, something has to be done to the house first.

Hhhmmm. There is always something fishy about this agent since the first time I met. Since last August, when I first view the house, told the person that I can only move in around mid January. The person said I have to pay security deposit with that. I’m fine with it, but she’s asking a month rent for the security deposit. No way! Called her again and saying I want to meet to discuss about paying the security deposit. The person can simply say that I can bank in the money into her account as she’s quite busy. No way jose!!!

In the desperation to get a house, gave a call to my dear blog friend, Malique if he can find any phone numbers of any person that want to rent out his/her house. Thanks Malique. Got a few numbers from him, and gave phone call. So today is the appointment.

As a matter of fact, it’s agent again handling this (two of them). But this time it’s different. Both agent are from a known property company. Everything seems organized, and the guards at this place seem to know both of them too.

So, they brought me to see the unit, at first, the smaller unit of RM700 per month rent. And the agents honestly told me that this house is actually taken, and they only want to show me how small unit looks. I’m quite happy with the layout. But the bad thing is, other small unit will only available in 2 weeks time as they are still doing renovation to it. I can’t wait that long.

But they said they have large unit for rent, but the price is RM750. I said, let’s go and have a look first. So. It’s a yes!!!!

Wow. It’s really large compared to the previous one, and it’s only RM50 different from the small unit.

So went down, and both of them give me this offer to rent letter right away with RM100 deposit. I have to get out now to get the money for the full payment. Come back a while later, paid the money, and I get the keys to the house. Yippe!!!

And what a nice coincidence. There is also Telekom Malaysia representatives down there setting up their both for the residents who want to register for home phone. And without further ado I register one for myself too, and most importantly, I also register Streamyx.

So at night, I come back here again to clean the house. Anyway, this house just finished the construction, and I’m the first person to live here. So everything is very dusty – debris from the construction work. It’s really a hardwork to get everything cleaned up. I should charge that from the landlord.

So another mission accomplished. And I feel so relief now knowing that I have found another place to live. I can’t wait to decorate and arrange furnitures in this house.

So guess in 15 more days, Pantai Hillpark will be in memories.


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  1. aries1981 says:

    nanti x jauh ke nak pegi keja, imran?

  2. moon says:

    again, the house look way so spacious with Imran’s panoramic photos..hahaha 🙂

  3. Malique says:

    heheh… welcome dude… n also selamat datang to yr new space.

    cam biasa kita pantun 1 kali:>
    Rumah baru imran tu nampak selesa,
    Nak-nak pulak duk tingkat 25,
    Jauh sikit tu tak mengapa,
    asalkan tidur dan rehat en imran selesa…

    aries, nanti awak boleh jadi driver en imran ke? kesian dia takde kenderaan… i suruh dia beli kereta dia tak nak…

  4. Imran says:

    ms aries. it’s ok. ada lrt kat2 situ. uikss. ada sessi berpantun lagi ke. hehehe

  5. aries1981 says:

    huhuhu..kelas malique! siap berpantun2! malique> dia x nak beli keta pasal nak simpan duit kawin kot? hehehe

    lrt kat sentul??hmm..u mean STARLRT ek? so en imran kena chg train to KOMUTER kat bank negara lar ek? hmm….jauh tu! ms aries nak jadi driver pun x leh psl x de lesen pun…selalu jadi co-pilot aje! hehehe

  6. Malique says:

    mana ade kelas, pantun selamba je tu. mmm…Ye kot, mcm I pun takde kete jugak… so, may be kene kawin ngan pompuan yg ada kete… senang nak gi mana-mana.

    for yr info, starlrt dah takde. Skrg ni dah guna standard rapidKL. Putra lrt pun sama.Semua kena tukar…

  7. aries1981 says:

    I pun takde kete jugak… so, may be kene kawin ngan pompuan yg ada kete… senang nak gi mana-mana.
    > amboi!!!amboi!!!amboi!!! bukan main lagi ek? sabar aje lar…

    ya..semua dah dlm satu system..hmm..but still jauh en imran kita nak pegi keja?

  8. Anonymous says:

    kena tak sape2 yang nak sewakan umah kat saner? move-in november 2007. email i

  9. Anonymous says:

    ade sape2 nak sewakan bilik or umah tak? kemasukan mac 08?

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