The so very active Kondo Rakyat (sometimes annoying)

Still excited with the software that I featured in my previous entry, this time I made a panaromic view of Kondo Rakyat, the apartment just behind Pantai Hillpark where I’m staying now.

Arrived home around 8:00pm. Put all my stuffs in the room and went out to my balcony with my digital camera. This picture (or can I say these pictures) was taken about 8:08pm, using infinity focus, and since it was already dark back then, I have to use slow shutter speed for the camera to catch as much light that it can.

Again, just click on the picture to get a bigger view.

Back to my topic. Kondo Rakyat community is very active. Tetiap 2 minggu ada je majlis perkahwinan yg diaorg anjurkan, ceramah agama, mesyuarat agung ahli2 kondo rakyat, mesyuarat UMNO dll. Well, it looks so good right at a first glance.

But the thing that friggin’ annoying is, each and every time they have something on, they are so loud. Speaker diaorg pasang punyalah kuat. Bergema satu kawasan perumahan ni. Pendek kata there’s no peace at all.

Nih cuti sekolah ni, there has been wedding ceremonies every friggin’ day for the past 3 days. So what’s wrong with wedding ceremonies anyway. Again, they all so bising. With people nyanyi karaoke sampai pukul 11 mlm. Arrgghhh.. Tensionn….

And as I’m typing this, diaorg tengah palu kompang tu. Mempelai dah sampai kut. But it just so loud here. I need some peaceee…


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