Since when Netscape 8.0 is out?

As usual, I spend the night by killing the time with browsing the internet, looking for any new things, or seeing old things and check out whether they have been updated or not (thing is a variable, and can be anything from website, software, blog, product, friendster profile, facelink, faceparty etc)

I have this Netscape 7 installed on my PC, which I haven’t laid my mouse cursor on it for so long since I’m actively using Firefox now for my surfing needs. No fear of it installing any malicious active-x without you knowing it, tab browsing, popup blocker, lightweight, fast. What else do you want.

So since this netscape entry in my start menu has probably has a spider web all over it, why not checking out their website to see how this rather old fella doing. So here I go, visiting

After scrolling down more than halfway to the bottom of the website, there’s a very small link there (and i repeat VERY SMALL LINK) to Netscape 8.0 download page.

Why don’t they feature on the mainpage of website with colourful text flashing image flying ad? Why after they spend a lot of software engineer man hours building this new version of netscape, they try hiding it by just having a small link in the website where people can hardly see it? Hhmm. Kinda puzzled me.

Well I’m downloading it at the moment. Let’s give this new version of Netscape a try. Anyway, they have taken all the bug fixes for Firefox applied to this version of Netscape too.

Added at 10:33pm:
A friend of mine, yazid, told me that this version of netscape was out for some times already. Well I guess there’s not much effort from Netscape annoucing this. They can always have a banner advertisement on other webpage for example.


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