MiTV has launched (finally)

After a long wait, finally MiTV is here, ready to be subscribed. So they have a new website now, instead of just showing MiTV logo with stay tuned, coming soon kind of message displayed.

Click on the logo to visit MiTV website.

My first impression of the website, not very informative. I don’t know, I kinda hope that MiTV will be the same thing as what TiVo is. So far, I couldn’t find any information on MiTV website about this, all I know that the Internet Multimedia Terminal (IMT) does have harddisk, LAN and modem port and USB ports.

But I have no clue on how this IMT looks like, how the remote looks like, how the interface looks like on tv, connection setup, how can I hook up my IMT to internet etc etc. I think US if far more informative when it comes to prodiving the technical details about the service that they offer especially in this kind of satellite, cable tv provider.

Click on the logo below to visit TiVo website.

I guess I have to go to KL Plaza to MiTV showroom to see for myself on how it works. I do have a high expectation on MiTV. The feature that I want most is scheduling, where I can see the listing of all incoming programmes, and schedule it to record to the harddisk.

Just imagine, there is this drama series that everybody is talking about, but you can’t see it since it is aired during office hour. With TiVo (and I hope MiTV is also, or if not, it will eventually) you can schedule it, and it will be recorded to the harddisk. Later in the evening, when you’re home, you can watched the recorded movie from your TiVo. How cool is that.

And what if while you are watching a movie, at the climax part of it, you need to go to loo. Traditionally, you have to wait for the next round of advertisement slot and only you can run to the toilet, fearing that you will miss any good scene from the movie. Just imagine with TiVo (and MiTV, please do!!!), you can pause the movie, go to the toilet to finish your business, come back and continue where you left of last time. Life is heaven..


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