iPod nano – Apple has done it again!!

Remember the iPod Mini that I rant about in one of my old entry? Well, it’s gone. No!!!. It’s not stolen, but I sold it to a friend on 4th of July (about 2 months back). Reason being, 4GB space is too little for me. My MP3 collection has reached the size of 8.5GB nowadays and I was facing a problem of deleting old MP3s from my old 4GB iPod Mini each and evertime I got new MP3s to load up.

Below is the picture that I snap just before I pack it back in its unspoiled packing and brought it to my friend that is waiting to buy it. Kinda feel sad at that time since this is the first iPod that I own, and it’s free. I’m a very sentimental person you know. I will keep all the packing of almost everything that I bought. Anyway, life must go on and you should sacrifice that feeling for better thing.

With the money that I get from selling my old iPod Mini, I top up a little and got myself a brand new iPod Photo 60GB. I am a happy user of iPod Photo now. Sorry. My brother borrowed my digital camare, or else there will be a few snapshots of my new iPod here.

And Apple has done it again. I’m pretty impressed with Apple’s elegancy in its products. Just take a look at iPod nano below, and this will supercede iPod Mini that we have previously. Isn’t it a beauty?

But like I said before, I’m a happy user of iPod Photo 60GB, and I won’t change mine again to this one. Well, I’m more than happy to accept it if there is anyone outhere that would like to give this for free? Hahahaha. Dream on!!!


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