Following on this previous entry of mine, I started to wonder how many hobbies did I have in the past. I guess I should start documenting of what my hobbies are, or generally, start documenting my life. Thanks to blog. This will be something very valuable for me to read when I’m old (and kinda wondering until what age I will stay alive). That time, I can see how my life changes with time.

Back to the hobby thing. I didn’t mentioned in the previous entry that doing electronic project is one of my hobby too. I’ve been doing several electronic projects in the past already, and in fact, I also bought several electronic guide book, electonic project circuits book, and ultimately during that time (being a secondary school student, with only pocket money for daily use from my mum), I manage to collect some and get the electronic lab kit, something that looks like below. It costs RM100++ if I’m not mistaken. But it is a lot of money for me that time. It’s not something that you can ask your parents for RM100 to buy this thing.

I still have the board, but missing all the components already. But it is something that I can re-buy. But I also don’t have the book anymore since my cousin borrow it when he did his matriculation, and he never returned the book. Don’t bother to ask it back since perhaps he didn’t have the book anymore. Hehehe.

During my casual internet browsing today, I came across this very interesting Clive’s Personal Homepage showcasing the electronic projects that he ever attempted. Well. Looks like he’s a guru of electronic as he managed to come out with his own circuit, or modify the existing one.

Out of all, this project really got my attention, and it is something that I will never try in my life. A single mistake can be disasterous. Hehehe.

Click on the photo above if you are wondering what it’s all about.


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