Visiting Penang – Second Day

At the time we finished the karaoke session, it is already a new day, and before heading back home, again, we had another group “bersahur” at Subaidah, another nasi kandar restaurant.

Back home, and as usual I had a very tight sleep in Alimin’s 16 degrees celcius room. Man. His room’s aircond is really cold. Hehehe.

Woke up at around 11pm, then went to Zaif house for 2 things

  • To update my blog
  • To reach budak^penang how to use Dreamweaver

Finished there, and it already late and nearing to fast breaking time again.

One of our friend suggested to have a RM10 buffet fast breaking at Penang island. RM10 nett for a buffet??? That’s really cheap for a buffet, and I bet the food and surrounding there will only be so so.

But I’m wrong. The place is called Secret Villa. It’s actually bungalow, being converted into luxury buffet place, and when it’s not Ramadhan, this place accept wedding reception or any other party that people want to have, and they will organize the event and the food.

Just look at the enterence of the villa. It looks like a wedding is going on here. Hehehe.

And the food selection here is quite a lot too.

And this is what I have in my plate 1 mins after the “azan” and before I start my meal.

I have to tell you it is really worth of money coming here. RM10 nett for a very nice buffet. I wish I can see this kind of pricing in KL 😉


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  1. dak^penang says:

    E sorry le….E tak update blog masa tu….sian kat E

  2. Imran says:

    hehehe. ok je dak^penang. memang malas rasanya masa tu nak update blog. dari rumah nobita lagi sebenarnya cadang nak update blog, tapi malas nak start. hehehe

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