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Here I am, at 2:32am, still awake in front of computer. I just don’t understand me. When I’m in office, I was sleepy like hell, like I didn’t get any sleep at all, but when I got home, I’m so awake and alive.

So, just did casual surfing just now, and tonight (or today), it’s mainly checking friends blog. I come across my Taiwan colleague, George, from Suyi’s blog (deleted already), my Singapore colleague.

Oh no!! George is writing his blog in Chinese. Just wondering what he writes about. No worries. I just have something that will help me with this. I’m using my favourite online translator webiste, WorldLingo!!!!

Being working with AP regional projects, I’ve seen a lot of surveys, websites and documents that need to be programmed and presented in other language. Most of the time, it is just simply copy and paste, but there are times you need to quickly know what the sentence is all about so that you can paste the correct translated text into the original English document. This is where I use WorldLingo website a lot.

Google does have something like this too, which they called Google Language Tools. But I kinda like WorldLingo more.

Anyway, back to George’s blog. Now I know what he wrote. His latest entry is about mother and son. There is also an entry about train break down due to accident, and also something about he and his ex-girlfriend.

Then another crazy idea came to my mind. How my site blog looks like in different language? Time for another expriment 😉 So, below are some outcomes of the experiment.

Chinese Simplified




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  1. nice_clip says:


    check out my english to french back to english translation…

    1. original (english)


    Deeply estatic now. Pleasant surprise. The nerves tt run up to the brain r just so grateful and.. I wanna shout out loud to the world. I wish everyone in the entire universe feel the same way as I do now.

    I’m the QUEEN of the World!!!!!!!!!

    2. French

    Profondément estatic maintenant. Surprise plaisante. Les nerfs TTT fonctionnent jusqu’au cerveau r juste si reconnaissant
    et. Je veux crier dehors fort au monde. Je souhaite à chacun dans le sentir entier d’univers la même
    manière que je maintenant.
    Je suis la REINE du !!!!!!!!! du monde

    3. Back to English

    Deeply estatic now. Surprise jokes. Nerves TTT function to the brain R right so grateful
    and. I want to shout outside extremely in the world. I wish with each one in feeling it whole universe the same one
    manner that I now.
    I am the QUEEN of the!!!!!!!!! world

    Just for the fun of it..chill!

  2. Imran says:

    Hi there nice_clip.

    That’s very genius. I never actually thought of translating the translated text back to English. Hehehe.. It sounds kinda funny.

    Oh btw, thank you so much for stopping by regularly at my blog. Where you from actually? Do you have blog for your own? Perhaps we can do a blog link exchange.

  3. Ridzuan Masri says:


    I’m not in the linguistic field, but I become so interested and passionate when people arguing or discussing language.

    For your info, this methods has been introduced and recognised by one professor in US when he was facing a problem on some student works. He introduced the Dynamic Translation System, but this only applicable for English language. But I think, it works in other language too..

    In fact, I apply his advise to my students and my doctoral thesis. It really works!!. Grammar, huh… as long as people understand good enough. But this really can be a very good ground for those who want to improve their language skills.


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