Welcome to the new members of my aquarium

I guess my aquarium has reached its natural balance from the 2 weeks “cycling” process that I did with the 4 guppys, and with the help of bio-booster. The live plants that I put into the aquarium grows healthily, which is the good sign of the rich amount of nitrate, which I can conclude that I have enough beneficial bacterias that convert ammonia to nitrite, and nitrite to nitrate.

So, I paid a visit to Ikano Power Center earlier. The main reason is to go to The Pet Safari – getting new fishes to my aquarium. So it’s a fish shopping frenzy today.

I bought 6 “sakura guppy”, to make the number of my guppies to be 10 again (4 died during the new tank syndrome, 1 died in accident – got trapped between the plastic plant and die of suffocation, and another 1 MIA – I don’t really know where it go). I also bough 10 “neon tetra” and 4 “panda corydoras”.

I got interested in “panda corydoras” after knowing that they ar bottom feeder fish, meaning they looking for the food at the bottom of the aquarium. This is good to keep the bottom of aquarium clean, where guppies usually feed at the middle or at the surface of the aquarium.

Here are the new fishes that I get, from left to right – Sakura Guppy, Neon Tetra, Panda Corydoras.

Human likewise, every living thing will need sometimes to adapt to the new environment. Same goes to fish, moving them from the tank in the shop to our aquarium, we need to allow sometimes for the fish to adapt to our aquarium environment.

So from what I read, to acclimate the newly bought fish, just place the sealed bag containing the fish in the aquarium water so it floats for 15 to 20 minutes. Doing that, the new fishes will slowly adapting themselves to the water temperature and surrounding, that will reduce panic and stress when we put the fish into our aquarium.

My aquarium is full with fishes now. And for the next few days, I will pay an extra observation to see how the new fishes doing and to allow the nitrogen cycle to be in balance again. And of course I need to change the amount of the feeding from my auto feeder, and I now have 24 fished to be fed (from only 4 fishes last time).

Lastly, do enjoy a few video footage that I took a while ago during my aquarium cycling, and the new footage that I took right after putting the new fish in.


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  1. PiNaT says:

    aku bela ikan suka, tapi nak bersihkan akuarium tu aku tak suka.. camne tu? aku upah ko jelah.. hehehe..

  2. amirahsyuhada says:

    imran camner awak edit video tu? guna software apa?

  3. Imran says:

    pinat: leh je nak upah, janji tiket ke UAE ditanggung. hahahaha.

    amirah: saya pakai Ulead Video Studio (http://www.ulead.com/vs/runme.htm)

  4. mr.eims says:

    hahaha!! klu ako ., ikan kat umah tu pun tak terjaga,,.

    erm.. tapi kalu ako kaya2 nak beli yang ikan laut dalam tuh.. baru besh.. klu tak silap ako menteinence dia pun kurang tak payah jaga sangat… kowt…

  5. PiNaT says:

    wah, kot camtu baik aku bersihkan sendiri akuarium tu, or tak yah bela ikan langsung.. kos nak bawak ko bersihkan akuarium lagi mahal dari harga ikan. tapi kalau aku bela ikan paus aku consider la jugak, hahahaha..

  6. pr3ttych3rry says:

    huhu…about a year ago i was searching and looking where i could get ikan laga kaler biru here..heh! dont know what hit me.. and im still looking for it.. NAK!!! nak ikan laga kaler biru..

    my guppy died sbb terlebih bagi makan.perut dia meletup. oppss!!

  7. Claire 恬恬 says:

    I like your fish tank. So nice. I have a few at home too. I used to rear “Cardinal Tetra”, “Luo Han fish” and also “Marine fishes”. Apart from fishes, I have a terrapin turtle but I just free it recently – TOO OLD. Now, only left with the “Arowana”, rear by my dad. Eek – I hate it. =P

  8. Imran says:

    mr.eims: err.. ikan laut lagi mahal dan susah nak jaga. nak prepare air dia pun dah berbulan2. pastu air tu kena monitor selalu hardness dia. dia mesti sentiasa beracid. pastu nak kena pakai protein skimmer. dan garam utk buat air tu jadik masin mahal. kalau nak tukar air, adus.. byk habis duit. heheehe

    pinat: hahahah.. kalau bela ikan paus, kalau ko nak bayar mahal2, no thanks lah. karang dia ngap aku. kenyang ikan paus tu.

    prettycherry: wah. suka ikan laga ke. saya tak suka plak. sebab dia kena duk sorang2. nampak cam dia lonely je. kesian..

    claire: hey there claire. wah. u keeping marine fishes? i bet the maintenance cost a lot. was thinking of having salt water aquarium too, but it is just too difficult to maintain and too costly. i just stay with freshwater fish for the moment 😉

  9. pinky says:

    kiter dah lamer dok perhatikan ikan laga kiter ni..and then, terdetik pulak nak online cari pasal ikan laga.ikan kiter ni brwarna biru..kadang2 muka dia bertukar warna..not just his face but his body too!kblkgn ni dia bwarna biru cair..n smlm muka di bertukar warna putih..i’m really sure that his not sick..

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